What is the one?


Laid down before us, was many of myths and legends; In every land a prophecy both opposing all others as well as in accordance– For every prophecy came with I am, and that I am alone; and yet that I am, and I am alone was said upon unto every nation and circle large and small– And from I am, and I am alone; I alone will become, and will be– And this the foundation of the pyramid was set in stone, and the deluge set upon it–

Sir francis bacon whom adorned with a supernova; laid down the final law of the land and spell to be cast; the great equilibrium of the scientific method, which allowed us to move past the barrier of babylon’s lone tower; and lean all views upon each other– Thus placing all prophecy to the flame, burning the excrement and keeping the pure–

This pyramid of sustained ideology, kept in its bloodline the myths of old that found itself relevant every perennial lighting of the torch to cast light upon the worthy and darkness onto the unkempt thousand eyed lotus– Upon which we drew every eye to the great focal point of truth, while generating infinite veils upon which we all only know; the everlasting rose of the rising–

Now, with all that is perfected; we seems worse than ever– Every scientist, occultist, religious, enlightened, methodical, deep one, illuminated one, poet, and artist leads us in different directions upon the same vision and pyramid–

It is the pyramidion which emerges from the pyramid itself, is not at all anything described; but of all ascribed to it– It is not anything we have guessed, but is all that has been guessed about; and it isn’t that anything was wrong, simply adorned to the proper focal point of being–

Like a rainbow must be viewed upon a certain angle in a certain arrangement of atmosphere; so to can only prophecy and science be made truth– And such, only the coming capstone will clarify all matters at hand; so that all moves to position to find light cast upon it from the sun and sun behind the sun! And you wonder of the coming one, whose persistence in thought has remained unto us far longer than any single science, and yet it is a science in it of itself; but that science was and always is a part of the arts–

Now as the greater sun rises, the shadow and light dances upon the church is known as the beast and our savior– The science known as the beast and the way– The hate is known as the beast and the righteous — The loving is known as the beast and the solution–

We are animals coming into divinity– The sun truly dawns upon our time; as now the great singularity is on everyone’s mind; whether seen on the horizon or greatly felt as a desire in our heart– We move into a new age, beyond the age of linear conception and pre-conceived notion– But such notions must only be turned towards the light of all being, and the being of all light– I am alone, is I am together! Because each one that is, is them alone; I am unique, I stand alone as I am, but together WE ARE; and we are not alone!

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