What is forbidden?


I realized the nature of the veil and the way of the light, yet not to be taken lightly. I wrote the nature of the other side, when Nikola Tesla; another student of the ancient order, revealed to me in his writings the nature of myth which his life has become has he evolved the idea of himself on the other side, in the higher initiations of the lodge in Sirius. And that of consequence I wrote  directly the nature of our being as I have seen it. A few pages long, partly in symbols and poetry, but as plain as day the nature of light when perceived from a certain level of purity in heart, there is another page; it is forbidden I feel. Like to look upon it is to see the big picture, the moment you are capable of realizing it as deep as you need to. It is the equivalent of looking at the true taboo of sex, and our situation as it has been at heart. I’m afraid it is a picture I cannot withhold. So I must warn. Now as to the true quality and value of it. Well, no one has really been capable of truly reading it yet, so as such no one has seen this degree. A new lineage, in which it is a deal in order to join. A sacred covenant to know the true veil of the heart, which is to you those horrors of the underworld, to which the very key is the nature of the order of our being, and to know what we have done; we transmute all earthly pain into that of a divine sorrow; which this planet has lacked; which is the complete love beyond unconditioned and conditioned. I have many secrets, but I am afraid that the greater ones lay in story, and knowledge of the story that is truly playing out.. and that the forbidden wisdom is the suitable myth to align to this order, the  rosicrucian bloodline of all that have been behind scenes, but truly the blood of all blood; all of the great work, which in my heart I know to be you. Don’t think such a mythic expression of self isn’t true power in the way I speak, all it takes is someone to honor them who themselves is of such mythic quality.. and I know how to bring others into the myth as well; yet varying degrees of such an order must exist. In such I attach this name to the credit ****, my true name declared, and not a secret, but has many of them for sure.

The world a mythic story, and I will write more upon the subject of understanding each magicians family name by heraldic lineage, and the mythic elements of which every person who is called sorcerer and felt that they meant it, are descendents of the more ancient orders of myth, and thus require the most light to dispel the curses you willingly placed upon yourself by becoming a forbidden bloodline of the real illuminati, of which goes under many different names, I descended from the rose cross, or the true spelling of the eros orgy known as the call of cthulhu. In which certain texts of pure novel ideas, are the key to every text held sacred, for the sacred lineages of 5 giants from which I descend, but once myself was in spirit; are separated by the keys that separate them by appearing as heresy in source. I hold the truth in all forbidden images, because truth as we relate to it, because we are looking for the creator of the created, by thinking the created was the creator. And as co-creators; there is more to it that creates a rich and solid life for which co-creators can co-exist, and not forget who is who and return unto the one I am.

Returning to source is not an option, everyone who is completely mind controlled; all identity that turns to sheep, though has a perspective and remains alive, has returned to source. Source is not who you are, do not mislead yourself the process of ascension as it is understood, expressed itself in a way for us to understand its spirit, but that we have mistaken phantoms of form, which are as much spirit you and I; and mistaken knowledge for wisdom in the basterd philosophy or corrupted foundation or stone; but that this gets more interesting and non-linear, and more encompassing as we go.

I will live as long as it takes to complete my work, and that I am of every lineage that knew something worth dying for, so that my spirit arose in everyone, but that I am not the only spirit; there is far more, and I am just a part of the whole, of the whole part that I am.

The structure of “I am” powers, and the mythological temple as it extends through reality to align our egoic or mythic self to that heart which is in a sense its own spirit, so that translations in manifestations or resonance; more thoroughly represent the nature of the heart. But before such things are revealed, we must understand the fire of the heart that is made known, and the dangers that lurk when that fire is unsupported by the logs it burns. There is work to be done, but it is time to become conscious of the work.

Those who don’t believe me, leave me and ignore the madness that knocks, those who see what I say, as seeming to be saying something else, should know that this speech hits vital points that if followed will only reach a deeper truth that leaves these statements more true than can be imagined, but so narrow.. yet simple at heart message. And even that sentence, yes. Do you see? And I would like you to see this as both a declaration, but that this is discourse in dance.

Who should read those things I offer? Who is ready to see the dragons become born again, and that true underground emerge? Who themselves already know in their heart that I speak of something you knew is of the same heart of something you always wanted to be a part of, or suspected was so, or dreamed of. Know this madness is of my descent, I am from my own imagined self, and that I imagined myself divine, only when I imagined myself, myself was not all I would find!

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