Way out of Samsara–


The limitation I have experienced upon this planet is that those seeking, have found so much in the infinite multitudes of perspectives and interactions, that just because they have found a great deal insight through one method, that they never use insight to find new method.

So I explain things in terms of knowledge, and those who hear me to whatever degree, find themselves unable to handle it as rapidly as I approach, and that they wish to understand what I convey, or not; that I push, and I push. And that, it is not because I wish them to know all this, or need them to know all this. But that the approach requires leaping through constructs in order to begin revealing that which I truly wish to express– which is beyond knowledge, beyond form; but still everything to do with all knowledge and form that we know.

It is because they wish to understand the way the repeating patterns interact and create our world, rather than the unrelenting non-repeating story obscured by repition of patterns lead by repeating attention upon the patterns that follow the repeating Patterns. We follow our own tail, and though this deepens us in degree of expressing one thing that repeats through out itself, that even the most brilliant minds have only managed to move their attention to the greater swirls that move according to the attention that follows them, which has been moving according the forms it is trying to understand.

Samsara is the inability to deal with the whole, because by trying to understand the basic essence or building block, or foundation.. we do not see that the foundation is not the part but the whole, and the whole supports the parts. How shall we exist Samsara, I will tell you nirvana; is that sustained perception of unity that allows for joy in those who must find the highest realization on earth as a manner of being content from the silent watcher, allowing the sense of unconditional love to be brought into conditions.

But that, I denied nirvana; I denied bliss, because emotions alone have no meaning to me by themselves, as much as I enjoy highs and denied them, and even deeper enjoyed my lows and loath them.. that there is a way out, a door that doesn’t lead to just another room; but that room that allows one to breath. By following the wind of their own attention, not upon questioning the forms that repeat, and accepting the repeatable answers. But by following the intent that cannot be repeated, the notion of all a story which will never play out again, but will never play itself out; but also the unrepeatable intent that only continues where you choose to go. The first and most holy property of your perception, and the one thing that is a right of all sentient beings. Screw your human rights, I am talking about the undeniable, unless one denies themselves by choosing according to the collective intent and in the form of their own expression. When they should be choosing according to their own intent in the form of the collective expression.

We are designed by default to work together, in fact only are narrative convinces us anything is out of balance, and yet such knowledge does not change the circumstance that people feel and see things as not working together.. what is more powerful in this case? The mechanics or the spirit of the story?

I can point that we are all working together, but that does not change a single relationship that is already what it was, nor does it explain why things always working together would appear to work apart; and how can we make any real choice unless we know the purpose of such already design, and that we will never see it already a design until we begin understanding how we ourselves design it.

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