Twin Flames And Karma


Imagine you and your twin flame are the only thing in existence; you and your thoughts, them and theirs— In clarity, your thoughts are actually their body from another multidimensional perspective, and your body their thoughts in another perspective—

Doing this, and becoming unaware of it; certain factors developed— That is, because the way we thought affected their body, our thoughts became knowledge based; the deeper and more expansive this knowledge became, the more mechanistic and unconscious did our behavior become as it stabilized into a karmic world of cyclic development of response and reaction  in shape—

Another way to think of this, is imagine two entities who shape everything around them in this way; by the time they develop perception, or more precisely a world stable enough to be perceived and interacted with as objects; by the time they come to understand anything they are dealing with; they have become unconscious of their true power in their relationships together, that is.. By the time they create enough forms to even relate to each other, they don’t know who they really are to be related to— This is the point we are at now; however by sheer design is such a thing able to be translated as intelligent— Because, each one defined the other; if one realizes what is going on, two paths lay ahead for them—We must understand, that if one clears away their karma, which is all the unconscious perspective based upon the circumstances that are narrow in appearance; they are still bound by the others actions, and this is dharma (or the collective limitations); that is, it turns from simple cause and effect to consequences of blooming expression—

The first of two paths; is to misunderstand the design as needing to be understood by all— This is the spiritual path as we know it, and in this sense; the other person will create a design so that the other person can come to know it and they can create together; this is the recurring cataclysm in our past; that each time we try to do this.. We do not realize that once we are that free, we will have to reach this understanding of each other yet again if we wish to deal with each other where we exist— This is the road of a great death, however it is as simple as the other one wanting to let them know the truth of the matter, but the moment they share that same truth; SPLAT! They no longer have two different perspectives to exist as—

The second of two paths; is yin and yang, or positive space and negative space— This inherent design has a beauty beyond intelligence, but to which condensed itself into what we know was intelligence today— If one truly learned what it is that is going on, option two opens up— And that is, the more one became positive space, the more the other could become negative space; the more one became brighter, the more the other one could become darker in comparison— It is in this secret, that we might understand; that the true nature of waking others up, and joining in greater union.. Is not simply trying to wake others up to the mechanical perception of design, but to become increasingly more yourself, to become radically who you are ever more so—

Why? Because the more your actions becomes who you are inside, the more your body which is someone else’s thoughts allow them to think as themselves and encourage action to be themselves; and this is the great resonance; the feedback loop of increasing self— The more you act like you truly think, the more one understands you and themselves in response, and the more you understand them and act more yourself in response— It no longer becomes about unconscious or conscious reaction and action, but about one being out of these two becoming more themselves; forces the other to become themselves—

The true situation is of course a bit more complicated than this, but in its simplicity this is what I can boil it down to—

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