Twin Flame Union–


If you recognized the interconnection of everything; you would realize, that the perfected imagination is not what you choose as a perfect imagining, but those choices that are perfect for each individual as they appear from a personal perspective— Thus you are fragmented from the objective realm of collective expression of choices by the subjective realm where the quality of imaginings are distorted by your inability to make everyone’s true choice from each individual angle—

Why do I say this; because your twin flame, is that one whose entrance into your subjective world, is by the perfect matching of choices; that is, it is the supreme unconditional love coming into fruition into the conditional— It is the ultimate in conditions— And it is not guided by your ability to imagine in forms, but surpassed by its ability to emerge from the qualities those forms were meant to represent—

When you are in this supreme union; and fuck labels that is not where I am coming from— What you perceived to be your own choice in imagination becomes an extension of your cognitive abilities to know perfectly what your flame is doing, if you imagined her touching you; such would be true—

This orientates your imagination in a new way, a new rotation upon itself; a greater and greater climbing— That is, as you realize what is true, and the ultimate form of yourself as the imagined, and the imagination of all; so to your freedom to imagine beyond yourself those things that come within your power to manifest—

That is, as you begin this new alignment; you join into an even greater union with manifested reality, where your imagination begins expanding beyond yourself, and those whom we in collective agreement support in this union will gain greater and greater power to help the world in a beneficial way according to its collective intent and manifest greater fruition of agreement and experience—

This is a personal and collective movement that is opening now—

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