True Royalty–


The crown as a circle, shows us that opposing points of view can be unitized into a single fixture; that the four corners of a mountain can bring about a single looming figure—

It might be strange to talk about royalty in this day and age; but let us think upon what is worthy of a crown, and why a crown once meant its hollow bloodline we find upon these days—  And that is, that no single action; and no single quality of that action can make a sovereign being, for a sovereign being must be composed of all those qualities that allow a being to exist, both wise and foolish.. both a strength in itself, and yet a vulnerable fragility in its presentation— Both the one to mock and be mocked—

It is no single action or point upon the circle, who’s quality makes it a statue in the mind of matters; but how each quality and action are weaved together in order to create a coherent presence that perfectly sits upon itself as opposed actions of mercy and callous courses— How does one exist as all these things and yet sit as a single a thing!?

And such royalty must be aware of itself in that manner to the extent that the coherent realty of reality; that so to must society as a thing of many qualities be brought together in focus and realization of higher qualities that can only arise when all the points form a coherent structure, such a royal authority, a king or queen; is the same as the subjects it reigns over, in that, like the philosopher’s of our true Sophia must be that pinnacle of coherent presence that echo’s through out the nation as a coherent being not separate from the royal blood of the crown— A way to allow all subjects to behave in their upmost liberty, and to allow opposing choices to give a magnificent shape to that which we are all apart of, as well as a whole self within—

We remember the circle as a measure of eternity and ongoing being; and such, it represents the honor or the nobility of a continuous weaving of those trends in the currents in a manner that continually exemplifies a self, and always reveals a majestic continuum of increasing degree as the circle continually unfolds upon itself in its infinite glory —

And yet my words; how many rulers have upheld such a notion in your heart— And so, how many have actually known any authority beyond the herding of cattle through sweet nothings upon the ear and blatant edges bluntly upon the qualities that such an authority has no right to wield, and so no understanding for the common place criminal who unjustly is placed in a position of punishment, because the honored lord has no ability to deal with them (and hints at their falsehood and nominal position cheated for by the guise of a crown)—

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