Those one’s that come–


There does indeed exist in the most inner sanctum a celestial church, a secret beyond darkness and light comprised of both and  known as emptiness just beyond the horizon of your soul– And yet, you will be hard pressed as a skeptic to find such is the case, because such a thing is also truly imaginary, truly only the links; but never in the things as they appear to be linked, and yet inextricably made of only links–

Such is the manifestation of the stratum of the labyrinth, beneath the fraternity of the sun— From which many men, many known and many unknown descend; through the cosmic impulse of the great central sun behind the hidden moon; and behind the sun as it is known– And only in moments of culmination, does it come so into manifestation in such a conscious manner, to be more than the mere personality and body that one comes to know themselves as; and such one becomes the corner of the room and removes the cobwebs that have gathered, declares a window in which the sun is found facing, and brings new light into the room as it has never yet been seen–

Each one is only aware of the shadows brought upon by the last window from the other corner, and yet all these shadows culminate in a great light; a great revealing as the shadows become real, and the light gives color to the conclusion of the manifested silhouette, bringing youth upon itself by declaring mankind’s heart pure once again–

And yet, the echo of the cosmic pulse which moves through all and brings in a new member of the brotherhood and finds itself refined through the natural adept, is brought rearward through all others as it makes its way back upon the horizon in a conscious manner– You are the cause, and such is the effect; and the effect is to become the cause, and the cause becomes the movement that it should appear as to the profane only slight, but to which the one who moves see’s the greater work to be had, the greater movement being truly made–

It is the brotherhood of light, and the dark sisters; who form the fraternity of the sun and the cosmic womb upon the members comprising the stratum of the labyrinth; like birth the labyrinth is drenched in the blood of conflict and the hope of miracles— In so the members of the labyrinths order, who themselves are the labyrinth wish to escape themselves into the fraternity of the sun, in which is final bastion of hope and unity–

And yet you will not escape. You will not unify, and you will never part. The hope is dim when held to the much greater light on its way; the greater way ahead unknown to both the uninitiated and initiated alike, whose ignorance remain the same in the eyes of becoming.

What is it we are becoming? Such not only truly lays in the imagination of men, but the action impulsed by the imagined; only subject to the quality of the fantasy beheld, and the qualities inherent in the one that should behold it—

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