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Now I will begin to explain the process of transmutation— Every person has a set of fixed stars, or aspects of their personality that manifests itself at certain points in our attention as an extension of yourself, however often when we identify with the body alone; we understand this personality to be that outward expression, rather than within those events in our attention inward or outward (which will be reconciled as the same when one is at this point—)—

It can be said like this; if you are artist, and you create a painting or art of some sort, the aspects of the painting or product contain your fixed stars at a given point, and the art itself is a culmination of all these aspects in coherent being— That is, there are certain aspects that are between your fixed stars, such as the medium and canvas, and those things that are between you and your creation and yet are still a vital part of it— The qualities and subject matter, and meta subjects within the subject matter are your fixed stars (and yet, it is the shapes between them that are not your fixed stars, but your way through expressing those points in your personality that not fixed in form, but quality and intent)— And then all the fixed stars together culminate into your coherent identity—

When we place pressure upon our attention, we bring these fixed stars closer together; much like an art piece, and like the culmination that might be a painting when reproduced in our very attention rearrange our outlook to create a culminated or perfected personality quality; this is known as the diamond body in some traditions— When our very personality is rearranged in a manner that perfectly expressed our intent and the qualities that those intents manifest in pure geometric and spiritual forms, we manifest our soul into being— If one is a well developed or “greater” soul; this is a bit different and a soul fragment is incarnated on earth, which is the equivalent of one of the fixed stars coming into perfect incarnation, and the greater work becomes to manifest each of these fixed stars in their perfected form into a greater coherent being— This is the angle I speak to you from—

The point of incarnating the soul, or having the soul upon descend upon yourself; one might look up in the sky and see the glimmer of the stone yet to be transmuted framing the incarnated aspect in a brilliant red which shines with the qualities of your own being; which at this point will be represented in forms that are not your own, but collective; making it archetypal— I cannot truly tell you what I saw, except that I incarnated the hero archetype and the gem shimmered with the best I could recall scenes that appeared like the Nintendo game cover of “Last Action Hero”— If you don’t think this world has a sense of humor, wake up—

I say these things just so that you can fully understand this process as best as I can express it—

The incarnation of the light of the soul, must begin casting itself on its shadow aspects— And by this, we must magnetize the diamond body that incarnates it further into our reality, by transmuting the tail of the fixed stars— These tails, are those things between the fixed qualities expressed; in our painting, it is the refinement of shapes, color, choices, into a greater coherent expression— It is the bringing together of those forms in between that are not us, but of us into a greater alignment with who we are—

On the higher level; without breaking it down into great detail; we must be able to pass each quality that expands itself into the four corners of being— That is, there are four archetypal forms in each aspect of each quality that one can be aware of— The alchemist who manages will end up with four forms, each one entirely different and yet containing a transcendent direction between them that brings order to these forms, as well as allows the alchemist to understand the truth of the quality which is not form itself but expresses itself through form— When we can do this, we become much more capable in range of expression; and thus in any situation become much more aware of the choices we can make that better express this quality of intent—

I suppose I should discuss the ramifications of such a thing; it allows us to navigate those gray areas with brilliant color— It allows us to understand good as not a single form or action; but the consequences of the form or action existing in relation to everything else— It allows us to see how our old decisions which were with the same intent, in narrow bandwidth only manifested a certain degree of our spirit— The person who gives a few dollars to a homeless man on the street may express the same intent as someone who has managed to provide food for an entire county; but one man’s degree of spirit was of greater influence— HOWEVER, one must also remember that the degree of influence one may have is because that spirit flows through all and one simply resonates with it in a more perfected fashion, and yet it is all that spirit, like the first man who donated a few bucks to a single man, that ALLOWS the greater expression to come into manifestation—

This however is not always the case, for such things can occur in many forms; and just because a man possesses great spirit and resonation, does not mean it will be apparent by society that he is so supported; and thus we are simply exemplifying one formation that EXPRESSES the quality I am talking about, but is not limited to that form—

For now, that should be enough for the initiate to begin understanding transmutation of self; and the beginning transmutation of matter into a coherent focal point—

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