The way out–


When you look at such a cube, it shifts something in your mind when it switches, and that is your mental sphere— When you change what it is you recognize, you also change all your associations to some degree; that is by doing this you manipulate your mental sphere by what you perceive— Illuminating this mental sphere is the philosopher’s stone–

However, trying to shift dimensions like this just by purely being aware of a new perspective already within your perspective, can cause fragmentation of yourself, as your mental sphere is not equipped to move in directions that move in ways that shatter the mental constructs you have; this causes the old dimension to be basically unreturnable, at least in your old identity-

Thus constructs must be built, that allow for hidden spiral staircases within your perspective, and allows you to walk out of reality safely, which means that these constructs must be stable enough to link to this reality and to another dimension of being–

My writings are conceptual; they build a framework in the mind to begin dealing with a new arrangement of relationships to be worked with— My writings are in vision; my writings when more clearly understood will induce visions in the mind, sometimes gently as if it is your own imaginings, sometimes forcefully as if you could not avoid a conclusion vividly in your mind— My writings are realization; when one understands the concepts, the visions, they will realize what I mean and see it in reality; it will shift your entire perspective to a new reality, with new capabilities and options— Some of these, appear distant from each other, in the sense that it changes the way you look at things within the world of things, but others will directly change your perception so you can see for a moment how to walk out—

Writings, words, and symbols (illuminati doesn’t sound as silly here) shift the mental sphere, just as much as perception does; even though we don’t consider them things; they are moving our attention and sphere of association within the mind; if done properly this directs and guides our perception; this can be used for many purposes, but one of them can be to align to a greater shared construct in which to interact with each other (social and moral structures) that can move in and out of the limited directions we notice (inter dimensional passage ways and wormholes)—

By aligning the perceptions of beings in a certain manner, one can create a rotation between the beings that allows each one to move outside the range of limitation, but must be in harmony with the choices that allow their own choice to be sustained— In this sense it is key to remember that the structures being built, are not things; but forms that represent relationships, and thus in a certain sense in order to establish your own choice beyond the range of options recognized, others must be able to make a choice that allows your own to have ground to walk upon, and by choosing their ground do you become apart of that ground to walk upon–

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