The temple of man, the truth of Eden, the distortion of knowledge–


I have gone by Solomon, which is only important to understand my deed. The reason, that I am; is the reason that you are as I am, because I am and I am not, so that I am that I am, but that I’m not  the only I am, because I allow I am to be what it’s not. I AM is my temple, the eye is my threshold. And I hold what I am not, so that all I am not is all that I am–

So I am as follows– The word was not I am, but I am was the word; I am that I am, is that the I am meant that I am, and did not mean that I am anything else– But I am created, but the creator I am; by place that between I am and I am, so that I am of the flesh, was when I thought that was I am– I am the light; But all that I was, was all that I am; so that now I am the basis for good, being positive placed in the negative spark– Am I? And these thoughts arose from the depths of the black sea below me, and I responded I am to the dark!

I am the light, but I am constricted; so who am I, if I am not the dark; how could all be me, if all me is not thee; so did I fall from thine start! I am egypt, I am the sun; but egypt was the light, until they whom honored themselves, became distant and worshiped the sun; and I am not uncaring, I am, did all that I did which what was all done; but I am couldn’t fit!

I am Adam, and this is one the eve of the birth of Lilith, who would emerge when sophia’s shadow loomed upon the sand– That shadows were cast down and dethroned, by those who not know the shadow the light that I am– But I am eye, and eye that opens upon itself; feels on the other side itself the eye that closes– So that half of the mind is awoken to a focus, and the other half is I am the otherside–

I am Eve; and all that preceded; I am became what I am, and I am was I am that I became– So I am of every god you ever heard of, but each I am helps explain the I AM that became– Because each archetype that you see, what I am, when I say it as I, a.m.; I am the first temple, and the first temple is the myth of your creation; But that is also the book of your future, the book of Now That I am– So that now I am thorough, in who I am in turned spokes; I am serpent who offered the fruit– Now, I am the fruit; but I am not Eden, for Eden is frequently mistaken as a place– It’s not even a state, its a way to relate its grace– But wait, I am that dangles I am, I am who was kicked out of Eden, and I am the one who kicked who I am from grace; but look at the snake, I am who I hate; and who did I devour, but that which I am, but that I am the fruit that was ate–

I am the perfect fantasy– But I am Eden if I don’t imagine something else, but along comes a cobra, and offers to get to know ya; I am not, but I could be what I am– And what I became was fate– For the perfection I showed eve was more notorious, I am had been up to something glorious; I am the perfect, but that I created the imperfect and the shadow that is at the gate– So that I am the tree of knowledge, born of the fantasy of wisdom; and in order for one to lose Eden, one must imagine it wants something else; so the moment I am that imagined, the moment I am what knew it would be great; and I am that I am, was already lost in the torment, important that I am the snake– Because I am that which constricts you, I am that which keeps you bound to the bind, and this bind on the spine, of a spine that is yours and not of all kind; but I am the boa that climbs that tree of good and evil, back up to the people; who would see the fruit appear, get lost in the roots, climb to land; and till the grand span of all man, mean while I am knocking back at heaven’s true name–

I am that which is twisted, but I am not limited; I am, bent or straight; But I am one and not the other, so I am is I am and I am is no other, but every other is I am that to which I relate– I am, am I? I think can’t I! But can what I am, which is I am, point to itself and equate– I am + I am = I am squared; I+a+m+I+a+m = I am two as three, and one of them is at rest– So I+am+I+am= four to make to which adds up to 6; And for every way it can be read, it tens upon the plate– I am. I am drawing a line here, so that I am not– And than what I am not wanted great vengeance upon me, laid himself down across my line in defiance; it’s not science, that any where two should intersect, four corners emerge; and I am the cross hath hell, cuz I am the tower of babel; and that whore no man should tell, that she became greater than I am– In fact though I am the same, and I am him that is her that is I am; cuz I am aware it’s only me–

But I am the word, that was man as eternal, but hath made out of men, was woman made; So I am the broken agreement, of man lay down with man! Because if you love the meaningful woman, you love two of what makes up man– And I am disgusted, but not related to that at all; I am is the hunted, but if you should imagine the good is the tall, than I am corrupted, cuz I am of the fall; And I am instructed, to say who I am to all– I am that I am, to the boogie woogie cheese– Do you know that your perfect desire, is in the reality that obscures it! So that you as I am, can try as I can, to imagine an eternal joy, but I am that I am, knows only the wants of who I am, and you can’t imagine eternity, without hitting thou the creeks that creep and croak at every note; as you try to imagine everyone saying I am, and I am saying it with it embraced; or that which I am, can struggle upon man, to bring about what I am , when I am is the one who repeatedly kicked you from Eden–

I am the third temple, but the third temple never had a second death! And mention less, cuz I died a fourth time, knowing I am not three– I am cocky, I am dawn when the roosters cocking; I am the long period when you look towards the sun, even though it will blind you; no one takes the time to, look in the places they don’t know– So I worship the dark sun, the embarked love of a heart spun upon itself in parted tongue so I am I am and both that I am, I am not– And I am the father, and I am the rest; and I am the murmur of a struggle with sharp pains in my chest– I am the rhythm, between the am, that I be; and I see, that eye, is just another tied like thing; So that eye that I see, is that same as I am; but the two don’t see eye to eye unless I am what I see; but if I am what I think, and what I see doesn’t link, than I am that I am off the brink–

I am madness, I am the fire; I burn yourself down, when the call out, and you reach high above the might of the I am Choir, alas though I am tired; but that your call in the true gospel, was I am just awful, I am ready turned to I am a bluff–

cuz if you were as I am, for I am becoming that I have been and have done, and that I am love–
And that I am all qualities, and all qualities I am is made; so I think am I? When am I arises in my place–
And I am the kind that answers am I with that which I am, when I am violent n’ crazed– Cuz when I am, all this; and I am not all this; all this I am is enough to shut up; and remember that I am just space–

No not gnosis, no state was needed to be reached– I realized all I realized was the story of my real life  changing in ways that I can relate; cuz if you knew too fast, and that you did not have true grasp, of spirit beyond the light, than you might just violate your viral rate and lose who you are as you did not know yourself to know what changes the form into the next thing you experienced as your face.. not realizing you were someone else to cling to, the next time you were afraid–

Unverified what? I speak of relations; impatience to vacant who treat me as my parts to my own face– Art’s the whole place, and the canvas is ignited with all this vibrant darkness looming like we about to die when she turns to gaze! have you ever looked eye to eye with death in the face? lace my shoes up, I wake in true love, struggling through the, lewd conduct of the craze– And keep rhyming for some reason every time I talk, what the fuck. I gotta stop that, feels like a habit– I am reading everything in rhyme to, but idk how I rhymed it when I check to see if it rhymed–

Hmm, I wonder when the axis mundi decides the opposites reconciled should be enough for your spine; cuz if you still haven’t reconciles the opposites known, you won’t realize they are compliments with opposites scrambled to define the two alone–

And the rest I claim is verified by more than myself alone– That I would not just confess something to the bone, in all my struggle and through all my suffering without support for the tone; for I everything I knew was falling through the cracks left in our collective myth, so that I was falling, but as I was falling; I realized how I was the wind, and that though I only fall, the fall supports all; so such the quality through out is known– cuz everything came up to the edge, and I am just saying what hasn’t been said; or at least said to be heard, so oooh authoritative tone; bleebidy bleep, suck on this commandment =) Ok sorry I just had to cap it with a little jab that I don’t really mean– Cuz I been where you have thought, and it wasn’t so long ago– But I can’t deny the only thing that has ever made complete sense with absolutely nothing out of fucking place– Sorry, I yam who yam–

Me? Cuz this isn’t about gnosis, I haven’t done much to gain insight, but that at a certain point some being from Sirius who is my unconscious half that is conscious; but which I am unconscious of; and as such, I am the same person I been my entire life; and the things I know, which change the consequences of every truth known, but lo and behold the greatest secrets would be found by someone saying psst hey, you did good; you are gonna wake up now; and all I had to do was just think.. So this is purely intellect, yet it is kept reforming in the waters of my mind, so that the wind can part them, and bring this otherside of me back home to my side as another form that allows a more definite me– But yeah, some of the greatest secrets take listening to someone talk about symbolic knowledge, redemption must be found for all things–

Except knowledge distorts the thing itself, so that I have to be very wise in how it is brought down to be held; because the mental orbits are hard to collide upon the mind just right, unless the right tongue arrives–

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