The sacred temples–


There are invisible temples everywhere that have remained hidden from us for a long time, and I will speak to the nature of how and why— When one sufficiently illuminates their own mind, their entire thought structure and mythological out look becomes available to them through the third eye or by envisioning the relationships between all perspectives in their outlook, creating a series of structures that are arranged according to their relationship with the current perspective—

These mental structures have remained hidden for a long time, or very subtle and illusive; because the temple is often built not in spirit of themselves but in understanding the nature of things as they are— This appears to the enlightened person as sort of luminous glow of beauty, but that the structures are so aligned with things as they are, that they are not seen as temples separate or distinct in relation to what is—

The person, whom through divine means erects theirs own cathedral; will begin to see geometric shapes appear through out reality, and the more that their life becomes an expression of their own spirit, rather than an understanding of things as they appear; so too do they erect a structure around themselves that effects others whom by subconsciously interacting with the temple which play out as the formations in manifestation (that is, if I make a choice unlike the mundane choice; this is represented in the luminous temple, which contains information and wisdom of the interaction, but that the person deals with the manifested choice which is the only level they know how to deal with it; the more well built the temple, the more potent the choice, and the more disruptive it is to the normal choices around them)—

I do see many invisible temples upon this planet, but that I see very few people with structures that exist much beyond what is, and thus it is only when I encourage them to express themselves beyond the mundane temples they are aware of as every day occurrences or things, do I begin to see their temple emerge and its real interaction with mine—

The importance of these temples, not so much being seen and known; but being aligned by greater expression of the heart; is that our mental structures cannot truly align and act in accordance with each other with out being manifested, and there for the emotions that cast light on things for us are dim personal experiences, rather than sacred synchronous and meaningful beyond our personal circular reference— That is our reference becomes collective and shared so their is mutual understanding rather than communication just to understand each other to greater extents— This is of course in a sense; post-philosophy living in the manner it has become—

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