The Rites Of Shambhala–


When we find the true name of a being or the hidden order of their stars; we are able to invoke a mental relationship that immerses us into a new relationship with everything–
That is, when we find the governing order of a being and call forth its presence, we are able to change the flow of thought to give rise to a manifestation that expresses that being–
Much like, if were vast enough to hold onto different stars in a galaxy without disturbing their orbit, and finding out body stretched and shaped to their whim; so to, if we hold onto their governing orders
And allow their presence to give form to that which arises in front of us–

The minor rites of Shambhala, will be different in experience than the major–

The minor rites, One attempts to call forth and experiences it; only as an energetic level; as mental phantoms, as a physical presence, as a part of reality but not the reality in it of itself–
Very important is the nature of meaning; not everything is speaking to the orbit of the stars.. It is like talking to another human from a different country you are unfamiliar with; there might be some communication,
There might even feel like a significant understanding, and yet the amount of interaction is not significant enough to completely change the meaning of everything in front of you; to allow reality to become so fully
Translucent– And further, even this type of experience, can obscure those things that have yet to come into the relationship of meaningful definition–

The major rites of Shambhala–

One may walk to Shambhala– One may know Shambhala’s true location, which is tied to its true orbits– It is not a matter of, being able to transcend this reality to another; but to know this reality as that reality–
To know division and unity as the same; and to know unity and division in its difference– to find unity in its differences, and division in its unity–

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