The pagan word–


The pagan worship of the sun, is confused by the pagan worship of the son– That as the sun would rise, so to was the first time in egypt where the light originated and the narrative laid down– Which by the time it’s light would dawn upon us, would be the first physical reality; but we would be misled to think that the sun worship then, meant the thing it would here–

Pagan worship is a focal point that uses the symbol to know the focus; instead of focusing upon the word to recognize the meaning– So that all pagan worship is circular in reference, instead of performing the proper circumcision of the foreskin; where the first four qualities are recognized by the 8 directions in relation to it; when there are 8 directions spoken in the four directions we see, they appear as two forces and together they are the one that means– So that those who witness the true gods of our lives, see them everywhere; as everyone speaks, but not everyone see’s the meaning– But if someone who see’s the meaning heard someone speak that does not hear the meaning of what they are saying, the person appears dead and the gods speak through them; but that the meaning is truly altered by the forms; and so what we think is emotion is that meaning as well as many other subtle perceptions, and by speaking words that are directly in accordance with meaning the same meaning to a greater degree than those who cannot speak the first language; we can use form to change meaning (because these two are not separate, but that they are acting as two things whose laws better allow us to deal with it as separate)–

The words of the greatest power often cannot be heard, because the greatest force in creation, would appear just as everything else, because everything else is that force; so that words of power are unique to the person and measured by spirit against spirit; which is expressed through form–

late 14c., from Late Latin paganus “pagan,” in classical Latin “villager, rustic; civilian, non-combatant” noun use of adjective meaning “of the country, of a village,” from pagus “country people; province, rural district,” originally “district limited by markers,” thus related to pangere “to fix, fasten,” from PIE root *pag- “to fix” (see pact). As an adjective from early 15c.

So pagan is the circular referencing; where by we used fixed “coordinates” because they appear to be solid, but that the medium of the attention is volatile in form; so that any attempt to fix knowledge in the same manner, will bring clarity when it is in accordance to spirit, and this person will emerge and manifest new things in its clarity, one would change the world without even realizing it, simply by trying to find the truth he thought was there to be found, instead of finding the truth, where it could only be (hint: everywhere)–

So the pagans, are not the ones who worshipped the sun; but the one who did not realize that the sun was the light of the word made flesh, and did not appear as the same world we imagine when looking upon it as something far away– But that past is here, that same story is now; and that past is our future and it will look different from both– But that these are the same thing, means the metaphor is more than one things; because the metaphor points to the recurring pattern, which shows that one meaning (in circular reference); but that one meaning or symbol can be referred to by many different forms– So to this is true of all meaning; in fact one meaning occurs, but that each word has a consequences; for each existence ripples through all– But if you speak and it does not move reality, than such is proof that little has been performed; because if you say something that is repeating itself in thousands of countless numbers of forms; that if what you said meant more than who you meant to say it to; meaning it was something that would ripple throughout the whole world; that unless it causes great synchronicity or something I can only partially describe as an earthquake as all of reality moves to point not to the word that is spoken, but to the position that is in accordance with the spirit of the world, so that all who heard it understand it–

Because each time truth is so uttered, which you have not yet heard before; and this is not yet the truth I refer– That all of reality supports it, so all of reality will move according to the truth; so that if you ever heard it spoken, because everything is already moving in its truth; everything will work to the will of the whole, and so the whole of it will be the proof; so that it is direct experience, not of any specific truth, but that the to some greater degree did what was said matter to all existence; as to be spirit directing itself, but directing a form by which to be identified with, cuz no spirit or form is the truth; but the truth is what is truly performed, that how matters little compared to why; and why matters little, compared to how you came to the why–

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