The new age–


We are approaching a moment in time, in which those things beyond the realm of material and exist in fantasy; will become more potent than ever— This has been hidden secretly in the rise of intellectual rationality, and the persuasive powers of propaganda upon the masses to manipulate your view; it already has risen in power, as we left the realm of evidence based science into interconnected view points upon which way such evidence should point us to—

The relevance of a new era is precisely not because of rumor or lore, but that the very point between us which is our objective reality, and the religion which is the equilibrium between all subjective experience as science and evidence based query  has hit a new realm of possibility; both in witnessing dark matter, and dealing with non-equilibrium matter as the emergence of the outer edges of all rationality expands beyond the explanation between us, brining necessity to a new explanation and context for our very existence and narrative which we repeatedly tell ourselves—

Many have discussed a new age, and many have claimed in cycles a new age to be upon us; and yet, the new chapter of narrative rings its bell loud and clear— That the very mode of operation upon which we based ourselves is now evolving, the axioms which were the furthest expansion of exploration available to us are now upon stilts held over an ocean who’s sea level is lowering and revealing a new realm of our own being to ourselves for the first time on a mass scale—

And you will wonder why I speak so mighty of the sorcerers and myth, but that as this new age comes upon us; it is not the old myths as we have known them that will carry us forward, but the rotation of their interaction and order which will emerge the new story for human kind and their hearts to move forward in accordance with the spirit of the very being that they are—

And yet, such a thing is not where you will place your faith; for all the obvious reasons,  you will wait for the equilibrium to change, for the ways around you to part like the waters of the ocean, so that you may simply choose a new story for yourself, and a new way for our people— And thus, you leave it in the hands of a few to change the entirety of our being, while you struggle to make sense of the senseless being that we have been— This is okay, believe it or not; whether you have faith in the good of people or not; Good is inherent to all being, and though you may not have faith in such a thing.. the potency of your choices in old views will dwindle and you will have little choice who’s hands the future is in (the hands of all which appear as few)— And such a dismal outcome is like a great firecracker in the sky upon the new year..

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