The lost word–


The missing masonic word is as simple as can be; and that you need not know the story, just to see how the story leads– That the missing word can be expressed like this; the missing word is perfect, and how are you perfect; let me count the ways– is on the west side of the world; upon the east the word says love, and love counts you just to be counting– And that these two words are the sun; which is the word of the son, which is the son of the meaning, that became both the one, the sun, and the son–

You are south of the the lost word; so you cannot count yourself; so trinity is the view, and view is your ignorance, the ignorance of your own face, which lay in the north by the one who can count you, but doesn’t cannot be counted by the one who counts itself— And that this word is the meaning of the sun, but that sun became night and the shade– So that the missing word, is what allows the word it meant to mean more than it originally meant– The lost word is the word made flesh, but first must come legend of the word. because every story ever told, is like every story ever known; it has been all about the birth–

So the missing word is not the sun, but the reason the sun would shine– The missing word is not the Christ, but the reason that is his bride; It is not anything in specific, but specifically what everything that means to him, and his response to the true experience of grace– But that he must realize his own story, to even know what it means; because until a word means anything but itself, than itself should mean everything else– But that he should mean to everything else, what they have been led to mean of him; that he should bring the same story he finds, to all of his kingdom in kind– So that we are both looking for the same thing, that there is no difference between darkness and light, but that they are difference because in will they are the same–

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