The last trick, and the first trick!


The evocation of self, and the manifestation of Sophia/wisdom in a living sigil— My experience of magick and its maturation–

  • Identify those moments in life that are like a part representing the whole (fractal recurrence)— An example: for me, I was at a concert that I didn’t want to go, but everyone else insisted on paying for me just cuz they wanted me there, the band was called “Anal Cunt” a well known grindcore band (all these things have meaning) as I didn’t choose to be born or who I am, but parents had me and friends seem to want me here), in the mosh pit to which I am no stranger too (and admittedly was on a chemical mixture that was maybe not so wise in mundane views to be on in one of the hardest mosh pits that anyone there had ever even seen)— I flew around, mostly unable to do anything but exist as a fucking electron in an atom in the circle pit… like I am a big dude, and my feet weren’t even on the ground— I kept falling down, but those who picked me up (as moshpit upheld moshpit etiquette), but this basically turned me into peter fucking pan as I flew around horizontally with no control.. Someone saw my face and realized I needed to be pulled out as I couldn’t even ask for help (thanks empaths)— One song and I was fucking out—
  • Repeat this weaving it into a personal mythology that extends beyond the moment, but ties all these moments together; I would share an example, but these are reserved for initiates as my examples engulf everything—

    When everything is everything in meaning pointing to a central story that is fractal in expression— (meaning each repeating of concentrated of blossoms can represent the story in it of itself, but also add depth to the story each time it repeats in different forms)— your visions will emerge something in the opposite form, or cracks (or the same thing you created in its negative space as to appear entirely different) this will shatter the prison you have built yourself, this is a way out—

  • Now this is the step I find myself in— When you manage to have a rose built, a blossom within blossoms; or a moments within moments within moments that each part is both a whole and a part of; you have created a negative visions that create something of landmarks— These are your fixed stars for the moment—

One day you will wake up in the greater moment, a moment that represents the whole; but through which you can see it happening, and this is a longer moment (that is, we have entered a greater moment in our life with enough visionary signposts to recognize something beyond a condensed energetic expression in form—) That is to say, now what has occurred in that mosh pit; is like the rhythmic pulse in life in which you can see your own energetic heart beat, and navigate those very condensed chaotic moments (at least for me) into a navigable labyrinth in which the walls are more accessible to be formed; that is we are on the same path, but now can more easily navigate this path allowing the forms to be much more appealing (this is infinite in possibility as we enter the eternal heart beat, which is as rapid as it is slow)—

In this I woke up one morning aware of the first sign, quickly aware of the second, and other signs occurring— These are much more subtle, as in even a color in a certain way (like green spit) will evoke the thought or vision that gives it meaning along the way) this is important because in the greater moments, the signs are more subtle, it marks the cracks or passageways hidden among everything—

(and five which I am fast approaching, but do not know the moment yet until the signs occur)

  • The manifestation of Sophia; having done this and the secrets of physical reality revealed to the mind’s eye, we are approaching landmarks in which to greater navigate the preparation of the next pulse; which if our myth is made well for ourselves; will invoke the first real manifestation of the sorcerers myth, which would be the beginning of the fruit for the sorcerer’s work in this manner— That is, the next surge of energy that comes will come in the form of crafted myths fruit, which should of unfolded just by nature of committing such a method of illumination, as this is tapping into the fountain of youth itself—

For the 5th step, I cannot truly go into further as this is what I await; but that I know it is coming—

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