The echo of self–


There is a fire inside me, that like a block of cheese through a grater, must arise through the aspects of myself that shape it, and to feel who I am, I must take those pieces and shape them upon themselves so that my own ego is amplified and that inspiration that was me, becomes inspiring in its purity of self by resonating with exactly who I am.

I am a fire that burns itself, an everlasting oil; and it is not because who I am is so full of myself, but that who I am cares so deeply for the liberation and love of all sentient being that to witness my own passion is to remind of that same sentiment. And that the most powerful thing I can do is shape that sentiment as an artist as I vibrate my own being in continual blossom in greater refinement and intensity. Until I speak words that move the mountains I know as part of myself.

Not a word I say refers to anything but who I am, not a word I mean means anything more than my own meaning. And not an aspect of me could exist without the relationship to all that exists which defines me as so. In that sense, I am as conscious of being everything else as I am conscious of being what all else makes me as. And so, there is nothing greater I could become than increasingly myself and allow that same world, that makes me so, to arrive to that very same destiny.

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