The Chakra’s and third eye in practical use–


Everything we experiences calls up conceptualized notions, from these words to pain in the body– That is a pain in the body calls up all sorts of associations, just like the words I am writing here; and yet, often we are not made very conscious of these conceptualizations– Are you thinking about what each words conjures up in the mind? or are you read this straight through until it appears to make sense to you? How is it making sense to you? Are you imagining what I am saying? What is there yet to imagine?

These hidden concepts hide those ways in which we can and cannot relate to things; they govern our logic, and yet hide the premises upon which our logic arises from; and thus also hide what our mind is open and closed to in awareness–

The chakra’s as well as other systems of relation, are designations and designs meant to dissolve these modalities; but first must be constructed mentally as a modality in the first place–
That is, first we treat them as real things.. As we treat them as real things we build and emerge a system of relations in which to work with.. giving them a mental reality which transcends the modalities which appear to exist within them–

As we are able to think of how things in our reality relate differently; we are able to open up new chakra’s or new meta levels of relation which bring unification of everything at different levels, as well as bring them into separate categories of distinction; and yet at the highest levels become indivisible or light level thinking–

As this occurs, we are able to bring those hidden conceptualizations and associations into conscious awareness; and we are able to use the minds eye to further illuminate our unconscious thinking by changing the relationships into different forms of revelation– Much like recalling a certain formulaic movie (boy meets girl) and thinking of it in an entirely different movie (where boy still meets girl) allowing us to take the same “energy” and bring clarity to it by entirely different forms of definition–

That is to say, we use these types of frameworks to construct an approach to reality that allows our conceptualizations to diminish their influence in how we must think of things, and how things must relate.. in order to free up the movement of our mind, and yet not only free up the movement in our mind, but to remove those ingrained experiences and past traumas that cause us to repeatedly experience reality in the same way that occurred the same causes of issues–

This however, does bring us into magical thinking; why? Because in order to orientate ourselves to those arising manifestations (increasingly clear governing “strange attractors”), we must bring in certain place holders to represent certain aspects of “dimensionless” reality which have a very clear influence on the nature of our being; and yet, have no clear definition in the objective reality– Thus we emerge a metaphorical reality, which is both not as real as it is thought of, but very real as an existence–

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