“But I think, that; there are these psychic boundaries in the mind; but they exist in such a manner, that we cannot draw a line and say here is the end.. Rather it is like a fountain, and we say here is the river.. And here where I am, is where all these rivers meet– Myth like this, gives us psychic boundaries; that are not so limited to say this is it, but this is where it is coming from (intent); and that these rivers may meet in many fashions, but only certain fashions express all the fountains more greatly at once–“

“Sometimes; to bring something forth in front of us in a manner which we can relate– Certain qualities must be perfected.. however, in their perfect projection here, they are contorted or distorted in a certain manner that though they may show certain qualities to us, they veil certain qualities which will later have to be self realized and reconciled–“

“That is to say, when we take a focal point; and we try to understand this focus; often in order to keep understanding things from that same focal point, our understanding must become broken up.. this is what we call knowledge–

That is to say, unless the gross definition reflects the subtle currents that make it up (or that the object reflects the movement of the atoms so to speak) eventually the gross definition will become parted by the subtle forces–

However, if we can come up with a conscious image; that reflects the subtle currents to a greater degree.. the subtle currents will animate the conscious image and bring the unconscious qualities increasingly into that image– Allowing for the conscious and unconscious to unite– “

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