Sincerity as beauty–


The way of the world extends from beauty, the way of mind is awe; and every habit a star– in a world without comparison, the mundane is a created thing; the imperfect movement, of knowing what we want and experiencing it from the angle of not knowing why we wanted this– those ugly things, are those of stray beauty, the rebellion of the shadow; the scorned lover of incomprehension.

The way of beauty is sincerity, the sincerity of our context in form; and our feelings that arise. Because a natural quality of beauty, is when it is seen; it is recognized as right inherently. Who sees something beautiful and says such a thing is a fuck up? And so you see how our situation is, when we do not know what to do without knowledge of the situation..

The right choices for one self, is beauty. The way of the world is like a dream, we do need to know it to feel it is right– we can see the beautiful choices, and it is because the choice comes from the heart; the sincerity of who we are, naturally places it as something that doesn’t need rational explanation, but by which we veiled the heart with reason and so there is a reason for the heart.

The beauty of life, comes from the arrangement of patterns, but that the arrangement is arranged by that which we find beautiful. And the beauty I had found was so great that not even I could recognize all its beauty, and so there is this haunting of things; a lingering topic in the midst of all conversation. A strain of thought that veils the intimidating power of beauty, the authority we fear.. the freedom we fear.. the love we fear.. the ways we fear…

Fear itself is when the survival of beauty is threatened; when continuity in experience is threatened, beauty can only be veiled by confusion and ignorance of it; by not seeing the beautiful way which I when all ways of the river flow, and the dream is lucid yet who we are and our truth. Beauty provides faith, but that faith is the subtle beauty of one’s outlook, the specific light that guides the dark waters of our heart. And our heart is the displacement between minds, the misunderstandings of each other, the mistrust and absolute good reason for mistrust. To use the mind over the heart, because our minds make up the heart we share in spirit.

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