She was all so dead–


He was a walk­ing flaw; fondling fatal delu­sions hold­ing diluted pas­sion for a world that lost its magic; “I don’t believe in ghosts.” he would rant to his dead cat that decom­posed so he could get over it– “That is love.” Oh he knew, and he believed in ghosts; he had seen one in the mir­ror– “I lis­tened, I lis­tened! Why would you lead me down a path of vac­u­ous exis­tence. Why does your per­fidy per­fectly worsen me with every breath, here’s your fuck­ing milk!” He doesn’t seem to ever notice the smell of spoiled mem­o­ries; The cat doesn’t come–

“The shal­low squan­der, the lonely play dead in a squalid womb. More fuck­ing milk? Where are you shit­ting, the kitty lit­ter has been empty for months.” His cat is in fact dead, and does not man­i­fest itself again as it was the final form; Like rings of smoke turn­ing vel­vet neon echo­ing through a mind; the grand final form left his mind, The smoke had taken over

His mind was slowly emp­ty­ing, but thought fought and never fal­tered; “It’s like– –a bright light; Or just empti­ness has befallen me– I am sur­rounded by limbo– and the ring is get­ting more con­stant.” He meant ring, and ring was cor­rect; but he was think­ing of dia­monds, he was trapped in the glis­ten and couldn’t lis­ten to the ring; His thoughts were really begin­ning to slow, the glow beyond didn’t cover the shad­ows– “The… Shad­ows?” While this was his only thought, he still knew that he was alone; At least if he pre­tended there was a cat, that fact didn’t seem true; but now he really wasn’t alone and the ring­ing was becom­ing paralyzing–

He no longer felt lonely; he felt invaded, he needed space; the shad­ows were mak­ing moves way to fast– He couldn’t even get com­mit­ted to a new cat– “Fuck my cat is dead.. I swore it had at least six lives left! Shit, now what?” His daze lifted like vapor of bub­bling springs; his body felt a warm pres­ence; The shiv­er­ing shad­ows shak­ing in shriek like move­ment had screamed into evap­o­ra­tion– “That ring..” It was com­ing back to him, he looked for the ring; The phone had rung for hours– Pas­sion was call­ing him, he was now ready to answer; He eagerly picked up the phone as if it would sud­denly stop now–

As he pro­claimed his love into a receiver, a speaker not far from it echoed his heart; only her voice reminded him of every con­ceiv­able place in the uni­verse; Only her love reminded him that he found all these places beautiful–

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