Respect and worship–


The warping of your mind, was the separation of principles that worked as one, but that we treated as two; so that these two could not be kind–

So that many of you are disgusted with the idea of worship; that there could be no reason to place a man so high! Yet getting high is so put down, no wonder everyone is schizophrenic and only realizing it when it appears as madness to be dealt with, and yet praise the education system, the most risen that has fucked your mind by being in bed with–

You see, what you hate is not worship; you hate rituals that don’t have your best interests in focus; and whom am I to say that is wrong!? But that if you ever demanded respect, or to honor your word; you have asked them to be on their knees and recognize your existence as something not only to deal with, but deal with as it rise–

So that Churches have no worship; and that you don’t realize what the government and police insist upon without justice; and teachers who demand to be honored; Now we could say respect, is drawing a line for your existence; but that honor places that line as something most valuable to you–

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