Remembering how to die–


Dying consciously has been one thing. Remember how to die has been another. I remember how to return to light, how we are together, who I am in essence and more so; why I would even come back from the light.

It is not a matter of having achieved illumination, that such things are of importance to me; but that I would be woken up by a lover whom just by understanding something her, did I understand what was between us; it is my relationship to reality in a very human like sense of meaning of relationship, but that one remains in transcendent forms that appear to us as symbols and is experienced by them in a parallel narrative that is entirely different in form–

I don’t say such things from the perspective of oh I read a book and now have a conclusion and belief. But that I by virtue of just being myself, could observe and wake up, as long as I had something that would suggest itself as something of a greater context for me to see the same world in. And it is one thing to deny that which you do not see, but that denial of your own vision is something of a painful transformation, as pain is the very form of which arises between things that don’t recognize each other, and such the only way to heal is to be recognized, not in form but in the heart that governs the form that is their own pain, no one who has not suffered can know existence, because existence is the very lie we created, but with pain did we make this life sincere, with pain we understood the truth of our situation with out knowing it’s true context. That the generation of sincere life meant to place them in the truth of creation as how all the parts created the whole and how the whole created the parts.

It is two extreme forms that cannot appear beautiful to all, unless it is approached by itself that can understand it, and of it as a self wants to be understood. It is backwards upon forwards and the agreements between them, it is the expansion of ourselves and the consequences of that expansion as a contraction of movement within the ratios that make them appear quantifiable the expansion.

And by understanding the structure of creation, on which our own sincerity is deeply found; can we act more awake and in accordance with the reality of our situation; and thus allowing us to begin making choices from the heart on a level of existence that is not influenced by the context of our situation as a limited being, and in so the nature of the cause of the limits. Not the veil itself, but the movement of the veil. And through the veil becoming conscious of itself, better wielding the forms that will allow for joy as the healing of that pain which is the transmutation of its form into a higher quality understanding. Because just like our understandings of each other create the veil or form of our relationship we experience. So to is all form that arises, and all form rises according to the adjustment in differences so that something that does not understand itself, can still understand itself. Pain is the lower quality expression of the misunderstandings between us. It is when we part in understanding that we identify as a part. Form is a voice that we forgot spoke, that it speaks to us the best it can in its truth and ability.

The veils are unknown because the veils are not awake within themselves to know they are veiling. Like a man who must speak his truth even if he is unaware that he is misleading. Because we all follow each other in an order that shapes us based on how we follow it. It is tyrannical in will, but that it wills the choices in our hearts, and I doth think the choice is freedom. And so rooted in freedom is the way of love, and love is the way of the will, the will to love; and the freedom to choose how we express that love which is greater in expression the more is understood, because as it is understood it can better express the understanding to be understood and understand itself better to express itself better to further understand itself.

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