I will point to your fears, I will contradict what you say while reaffirming it— I will discuss a new way, I will act a new way indifferent from the way I have ever acted— I will tell you something you have always known, and you will be afraid to know it— I will paint the horrors upon the wall, and come through like a wrecking ball; I will go the way your heart desires, I will go the way you mind screams out against—

I will move like a dream, I will break your rationality into the irrational; I will move my feet upon grounds you do not see, and I will make sense— I will be the madman you fear.. I will make sense all the way to the point I lose you.. I will drift higher in the imagination than you are capable of dwelling.. I will tell you to dwell there! And you will have no faith, and I will move on and you will see where I dwell—

I am star who’s light is invisible and ever reaching; you will be fear holding onto something you do not believe is there to be held onto— I am walking a new way upon this earth, I am creating a new way upon the narrative— I am everything you should no be, I am every taboo that is irresistible and resisted! I am not even a paradox, I am plainly blunt upon the mundane—

I will not bow to your way; you need not bow to mine— But you will deal with me, I will not remain in silence.. My voice has been a canvas for which you have danced upon, but now I begin to speak; and you will fall into the valleys of my own breath— I am not deep, I am a shallow puddle of desire; a higher place of birth.. I was not submerged in the deep waters, I emerged from the deep to appreciate the surface—

I will tell you a story, one that makes your heart beat; and yet you will be afraid to live as the being I make us out to be— This so is the rhythm— I will tell you who I am, and you will forget so I may tell you once again who I am and it shall not appear the same— I am a living dance in your mind, I dance in the heart of all— Fear what I have to tell you, and face what you will; but I will come upon you, you do not have to bow, but the fact is I exist, and I am—

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