Purification of the soul–


The process of purifying the soul as an arduous feat, but when destined inescapable; is not an intangible process, but one that affects every fiber of your existence— And yet, how should we quantify such a thing? How can such ever be measured? It is really though complex in its nature, simple in theory— When we, place pressure upon our attention; giving form to the diamond body, we come under siege by a barrage of pressure against us— But in this pressure, by sheer will; we expose our deepest qualities inherent to our personality and in this emerges a personal set of symbols— This personal set of symbols, when well aligned with nature contain in them not only the collective history of our being, but our personal connection to that collective history in that the symbols from the outer edges mean something collective, and in their most potent and transcendent form (that quality that is inherent to every perception upon it) a very personal and direct meaning with no mistaking it— You will need no symbolic dictionary, the personal symbol is vitalized by its true recognition in a personal way as well as charged by its carriage through the oceans of consciousness currents—

And yet, the diamond body is only a perfected representation of the truth of the matter— The manifestation of the diamond body, or the star; begins to appear in everyday mundane synchronicity that become illuminated by an unfolding story at hand— This story is so very personal, this story contains everyone in it and they will not even be conscious of this; this is still an inward light— But then we must ask, how to become a star? How do we shine brightly forth from our crystal form and become the light we learned to reflect and refract? And so, the work of dreams comes into play— For we had been on a parallel adventure, we have become very aware of at this point, but to which is still somewhat disconnected from the world as we awake— Why do I forget it all? And it is that the labyrinth which in its purest pattern is a direct current of will; has become a maze of karmic of lessons, sharp turns and hidden passageways—

And yet, through these personal symbols; will you at the right time come to find that, these symbols in their personal mythology; carried by the currents of the collective, exist in the highly subjective of which are intrinsically linked— That is, your personal myth or story, becomes capable of sprouting itself into a personal realm of existence; where by upon the true recognition of yourself and your imagination; may you wake up in your dreams by identifying the story of these symbols in relation to your waking life.. And suddenly, remember— That is right; the personality becomes completely coherent, no longer fragmented in experience with different aspects of self experienced as separate beings; but a fully cognitive being working together as a complete whole—

It is waking up in our dreams, that we can through the correct identification of the subjective realm in relation to the objective realm.. Bridge the gap between real and unreal; between reality and fantasy, and begin to reap the rewards as a celestial being, by bringing greater manifestations into the objective realm from perfected imaginings in the subjective—

Dreamweaver, storyteller; artist of the highest degree—

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