Polarity creation–


In response to the universality of polarities, we deal with androgynous upon androgynous; or rather than the comparison of two poles, the comparison of two spectrum’s that allow one spectrum to exist which gives shape to the poles–

It holds true, but that it can be transcended; not in function of which it is infinite in capability, but in the way that it is weaved together as to be obscured into oblivion. That is almost what we see today. Except that aspects of it have remained apparent, like a rope ladder descending from the heavens. Now the interesting aspect is that in order to make two poles from the same thing, the aspects between them must be twisted. And these aspects can make the same thing appear to itself as opposing or complimentary depending on what is weaved between them. In this sense we can say half of the story is fixed, or the structure of the constellation of fixed stars that allow us to recognize ourselves as we emerge repeatedly in each bloom, and the other half is interchangeable and gives rise to definition of the fixed. This is quite within our collective myths of fragmentation, that is part of the myth is fixed and divine and infinite in capability. The other half is malleable and functional and that which gives garment to the fixed, and it is those stars which have been weaved in such a way as to appear in conflict while simultaneously being true, thus giving us as we bloomed a sense of distant and separate identity, the birth of ego and the reason why ego at this point is irreconcilable and that all paths had to be paved towards leaving the egoistic state into the fixed principle state.

This was a statement that I would not have posted, yet at the website: https://www.laetusinpraesens.org/docs10s/improv.php
I found a simple and yet realistic demonstration of the principle that can be easily understood–

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