Dogma– (needs editing and expansion, basis sentiment.)

The role of dogma and the nature of grounding oneself in light— Part 1: Dogma and its role in simple terms—

The Chaos Magician, or average spiritual seeker who is a free thinker (rather than clinging to collective pools of ideology, but to whom this addresses); runs a great risk of developing what has been deemed psychosis and Schizophrenia; or possession by demons—

The nature of grounding oneself, is to partake in those activities and collective outlooks upon which to base ones actions, and not in the wild fantasies of self exploration that must develop in order to be condensed into a greater outlook of being, but first must be generated by exploring or looking around oneself—
That is Apophänie, or the finding meaning in things which point to a greater context, creates an unstable outlook that changes as each meaning from “random data” is come across and reconciled into a coherent vision— That is, the independent seeker, whom endeavors to figure out “The truth” by thinking for ones self, causes a mode of being in which sporadic meaning and convoluted outlooks must be boiled down into a coherent view that allows one to make informed choices in their reality—

The issue becomes how one makes choices, with a self-designed reality that is not particularly aligned with those outlooks one lives among; creating an inability for people to recognize the rationality behinds ones choices (which even in a paranoid outlook, may have very well thought out rationalizations, while looking entirely irrational to those one exists among)— Thus, creating the inability to interact in a beneficial manner or non-disruptive manner with all individuals around—

Science is actually deeply rooted in such an outlook; as their outlook is not understanding what is in front of them by the their context, but understanding their context by what is in front of them—

When we look deeper into this, it is that meanings that have no yet been reconciled into a coherent view, effect every choice in an unconscious manner, and unless that unconscious context is coherent in purpose and will, causes internal conflict and behavior that actually goes against one’s own self’s spirit in thought, as no transcendent dynamics or outlook weaves together the details gathered in Apophänie to unite ones outlook into a refined actionable account, but to dispersed personalities and outlooks that are recalled upon association of the meaning, giving a range of outlooks and associated personalities, which can distant themselves to the point of disconnected memories and consciousness—
This is why over a period of time in the great work, certain dogmatic outlooks were not only required, but enforced to maintain order in an otherwise unorderly world when no single agreement can truly be reached in unifying definition— And that its secular brother known as law and society also grew in increasing importance and mastery inexecution, until the schizophrenic age and inability to truly act coherently emerged as manifesting in societies order by greater and greater corruption and red tape—

So dogma, and enforced outlooks or social behavior, played a vital importance in our growth and ability to explore without destroying each other, until the nations and governments as a single being eventually became a schizophrenic threat like its members that make it up—

Part 2: The role of dogma in grounding light, and grounding oneself in light—
It is something of a personal manner I speak from and such brings this concept to my awareness— That few of us live in a story that actually includes the greater context; that is, most people live with a context provided by understanding the world around them and the different ideas, and through self exploration, and different agreements which lead to certain pillars of creation and resonance groups of the etheric temples established on this land—

For me, and so I can only so much write on such a topic, is that my own experience and interaction with life, suggested something far greater that instead of other things so much defining my own context, my context allowed all other things to fall into accord.. Grounding me in something that was suggested purely out my relationship with life and the beings I interacted with that suggested a greater context, which through mere suggestion did things fall into place. In different degree’s, the suggestions existed beyond those mundane thoughts, so in order for myself to even understand my own life in any way, did I have to reconcile lower levels of interaction, to deal with the greater topologies suggested I was involved with—

In this sense, it was not a search for meaning that I embarked; it was a search for sense, and where upon everything fell in accord to a meaningful way— And beyond the static conditions of this means that thinking, such things were dynamic and dependent on my relationship at the time—
That is, something from the other side suggested we were entering into a cosmic dating, and besides a single chord of thinking that we interacted with, all else was very real and within the objective reality—

The ‘Cosmic Giggle’ is a randomly roving zone of synchronicity and statistical anomaly. Should you be caught up in it, it will turn reality on its head.
It is objective and subjective, simultaneously ‘really there’ and yet somehow is sustained by imagination and expectation; the umbilicus of our ontology, the place where we see that the world came from something very different from what it now appears to be. – Terrence McKenna

It was a story, or relationship that formed a story that I had to deal with head on, that allowed me to follow the roving zone of synchronicity and move beyond the confines of normal cause and effect reality, and one based not on a single mechanistic understanding of existence, but one that gave rise to the forms according to this greater relationship I seemed to have and that would not leave me alone, just from being IN and OF the story and making sincere choices in respond either skeptical and full of doubt (which was my original position), or in full faith which would actually take me out of the story as I had not truly understood my relationship yet to the divine, and thus I could not truly act on faith in something I understood.. Thus any time I tried to take the story as I understood it, I went out of the story as I was living it… And thus would reorientate me to this cosmic giggle that would repeatedly push and pull me simultaneously expanding my consciousness in every direction and as my true understanding, not of a story; but that which gives rise to a story and links to many many stories on the planet and beyond, which was the relationship that suggested something greater—

That is as I understood my relationship, I simply better understood my true context within the collective story, and because my relationship was to the whole of the story, all vital points which would orientate the greater aspects of my being (that transcend my human body, allowing me to work in accordance with the universe as a personality that exists through out the entirety of my experience which extends into our objective reality and interacts with it—) and follow that roving cosmic giggle—

This, grounds me not in any material form; but in the intent and spirit of the mind that I am in relation to the great mind of all—
Only by giving this account (but by leaving out the real details which would make true sense, but to which are infinitely generative—) and I am afraid, that my story will always remain vague except for those vital points I present, as details and knowledge change according to the relationship which gives shape to the story, in which exist many stories to perceive—

This allowing the separate aspects of myself, to be expressed as separate perspectives in a rightful and coherent manner, unifying the inner beings unconscious that exists out in the manifestation of the world, but which we experience as internal events, there by instilling a set of transcendent order that exists among all orders internal and external, which are truly one in the same, but in contrast exist as our choice between the two; where the differences emerge as our external reality and the complimentary inverse emerges as our internal understanding— I might of taken a leap in explanation there, aha—
But that if one is still dealing with internal/external dialogue, one is moving towards one end of being; which appears to us as ascension or materialistic slavery—

Only by this account can I explain another way compared to part one— And that I hope I provide some clarity of the situation—

Polarity creation–

In response to the universality of polarities, we deal with androgynous upon androgynous; or rather than the comparison of two poles, the comparison of two spectrum’s that allow one spectrum to exist which gives shape to the poles–

It holds true, but that it can be transcended; not in function of which it is infinite in capability, but in the way that it is weaved together as to be obscured into oblivion. That is almost what we see today. Except that aspects of it have remained apparent, like a rope ladder descending from the heavens. Now the interesting aspect is that in order to make two poles from the same thing, the aspects between them must be twisted. And these aspects can make the same thing appear to itself as opposing or complimentary depending on what is weaved between them. In this sense we can say half of the story is fixed, or the structure of the constellation of fixed stars that allow us to recognize ourselves as we emerge repeatedly in each bloom, and the other half is interchangeable and gives rise to definition of the fixed. This is quite within our collective myths of fragmentation, that is part of the myth is fixed and divine and infinite in capability. The other half is malleable and functional and that which gives garment to the fixed, and it is those stars which have been weaved in such a way as to appear in conflict while simultaneously being true, thus giving us as we bloomed a sense of distant and separate identity, the birth of ego and the reason why ego at this point is irreconcilable and that all paths had to be paved towards leaving the egoistic state into the fixed principle state.

This was a statement that I would not have posted, yet at the website:
I found a simple and yet realistic demonstration of the principle that can be easily understood–

The new age–

We are approaching a moment in time, in which those things beyond the realm of material and exist in fantasy; will become more potent than ever— This has been hidden secretly in the rise of intellectual rationality, and the persuasive powers of propaganda upon the masses to manipulate your view; it already has risen in power, as we left the realm of evidence based science into interconnected view points upon which way such evidence should point us to—

The relevance of a new era is precisely not because of rumor or lore, but that the very point between us which is our objective reality, and the religion which is the equilibrium between all subjective experience as science and evidence based query  has hit a new realm of possibility; both in witnessing dark matter, and dealing with non-equilibrium matter as the emergence of the outer edges of all rationality expands beyond the explanation between us, brining necessity to a new explanation and context for our very existence and narrative which we repeatedly tell ourselves—

Many have discussed a new age, and many have claimed in cycles a new age to be upon us; and yet, the new chapter of narrative rings its bell loud and clear— That the very mode of operation upon which we based ourselves is now evolving, the axioms which were the furthest expansion of exploration available to us are now upon stilts held over an ocean who’s sea level is lowering and revealing a new realm of our own being to ourselves for the first time on a mass scale—

And you will wonder why I speak so mighty of the sorcerers and myth, but that as this new age comes upon us; it is not the old myths as we have known them that will carry us forward, but the rotation of their interaction and order which will emerge the new story for human kind and their hearts to move forward in accordance with the spirit of the very being that they are—

And yet, such a thing is not where you will place your faith; for all the obvious reasons,  you will wait for the equilibrium to change, for the ways around you to part like the waters of the ocean, so that you may simply choose a new story for yourself, and a new way for our people— And thus, you leave it in the hands of a few to change the entirety of our being, while you struggle to make sense of the senseless being that we have been— This is okay, believe it or not; whether you have faith in the good of people or not; Good is inherent to all being, and though you may not have faith in such a thing.. the potency of your choices in old views will dwindle and you will have little choice who’s hands the future is in (the hands of all which appear as few)— And such a dismal outcome is like a great firecracker in the sky upon the new year..

Remembering how to die–

Dying consciously has been one thing. Remember how to die has been another. I remember how to return to light, how we are together, who I am in essence and more so; why I would even come back from the light.

It is not a matter of having achieved illumination, that such things are of importance to me; but that I would be woken up by a lover whom just by understanding something her, did I understand what was between us; it is my relationship to reality in a very human like sense of meaning of relationship, but that one remains in transcendent forms that appear to us as symbols and is experienced by them in a parallel narrative that is entirely different in form–

I don’t say such things from the perspective of oh I read a book and now have a conclusion and belief. But that I by virtue of just being myself, could observe and wake up, as long as I had something that would suggest itself as something of a greater context for me to see the same world in. And it is one thing to deny that which you do not see, but that denial of your own vision is something of a painful transformation, as pain is the very form of which arises between things that don’t recognize each other, and such the only way to heal is to be recognized, not in form but in the heart that governs the form that is their own pain, no one who has not suffered can know existence, because existence is the very lie we created, but with pain did we make this life sincere, with pain we understood the truth of our situation with out knowing it’s true context. That the generation of sincere life meant to place them in the truth of creation as how all the parts created the whole and how the whole created the parts.

It is two extreme forms that cannot appear beautiful to all, unless it is approached by itself that can understand it, and of it as a self wants to be understood. It is backwards upon forwards and the agreements between them, it is the expansion of ourselves and the consequences of that expansion as a contraction of movement within the ratios that make them appear quantifiable the expansion.

And by understanding the structure of creation, on which our own sincerity is deeply found; can we act more awake and in accordance with the reality of our situation; and thus allowing us to begin making choices from the heart on a level of existence that is not influenced by the context of our situation as a limited being, and in so the nature of the cause of the limits. Not the veil itself, but the movement of the veil. And through the veil becoming conscious of itself, better wielding the forms that will allow for joy as the healing of that pain which is the transmutation of its form into a higher quality understanding. Because just like our understandings of each other create the veil or form of our relationship we experience. So to is all form that arises, and all form rises according to the adjustment in differences so that something that does not understand itself, can still understand itself. Pain is the lower quality expression of the misunderstandings between us. It is when we part in understanding that we identify as a part. Form is a voice that we forgot spoke, that it speaks to us the best it can in its truth and ability.

The veils are unknown because the veils are not awake within themselves to know they are veiling. Like a man who must speak his truth even if he is unaware that he is misleading. Because we all follow each other in an order that shapes us based on how we follow it. It is tyrannical in will, but that it wills the choices in our hearts, and I doth think the choice is freedom. And so rooted in freedom is the way of love, and love is the way of the will, the will to love; and the freedom to choose how we express that love which is greater in expression the more is understood, because as it is understood it can better express the understanding to be understood and understand itself better to express itself better to further understand itself.

The situation– (Written on forum)

I would suggest that, yes everything is our choice to experience; that we must not forget that everything is a part of our choice– It is not our narrative that makes these decisions, but that it is our choice to experience narrative which gives color to experience beyond the experience itself– To think anything is out of your control, is to misunderstand the power of what you are experiencing now– It is simply that we chose to experience somethings out of our control, and this is an agreement to experience ourselves as separate beings–

That is we have given ourselves a sphere of consciousness in which we can begin designing our narrative, but that our narrative exists within a collective one.. and it is not a matter of aligning your narrative to the personal and immediate desires which are based on falsehoods, but the collective will and intent which means your desires within that intent is 1. part of your original desire and so greater, to the extent that you would fear desiring such a thing for yourself. 2. your desire of such proportions or ratio is absolutely supported by the whole of which you are and are a part of in experience–


At the level of realization I speak of, there are revelations that have personal consequences, as well as consequences upon the narrative at large– Since you speak from personal consequences of intermingling separation, which is a gift and a curse; let me say that there is a collective narrative that will have far more reaching consequences than any individual narrative at play, and that which will guide every personal narrative if so one should choose to follow the story we are all experiencing, which allows for every personal story to reach its own greater height–

I know that in a certain sense, you feel like mankind is alone in this endeavor of ours, but that this process is indeed universal; and that there are illuminated members of society (far and distant from each other with purpose) working towards the original intent or impulse of our collective decision which in spirit is specific, but in form is liberation itself–

And that I would point to you to meditate on.. is not the intent of your own choices to experience something a certain way, but why we would choose to experience such a sorrowful state as this, and what great vitality it would have to the most glorious fruit ahead in which we shall all partake without exclusion, but to which all partaking will appear to be an individual conclusion in the collective result– Think about the intentions behind that which you did not intend, and reconcile them into your own spirit–

However, not everyone is meant to reach the levels I speak of; not everyone desires to truly, and this is quite fine.. but as a result, something between these two conflicting desires must arise that give a greater result than either of the two desires alone– Thus that ultimate is that desire of every individual in the way that allows for all desire to be met, and surpasses the limitation of the individual desire to only allow one aspect of the desire to be met–

We are dealing with far more fantastical things than you treat it, and without proper catalysts and stimulation; beyond your own ability to treat such fantasy seriously–

The echo of self–

There is a fire inside me, that like a block of cheese through a grater, must arise through the aspects of myself that shape it, and to feel who I am, I must take those pieces and shape them upon themselves so that my own ego is amplified and that inspiration that was me, becomes inspiring in its purity of self by resonating with exactly who I am.

I am a fire that burns itself, an everlasting oil; and it is not because who I am is so full of myself, but that who I am cares so deeply for the liberation and love of all sentient being that to witness my own passion is to remind of that same sentiment. And that the most powerful thing I can do is shape that sentiment as an artist as I vibrate my own being in continual blossom in greater refinement and intensity. Until I speak words that move the mountains I know as part of myself.

Not a word I say refers to anything but who I am, not a word I mean means anything more than my own meaning. And not an aspect of me could exist without the relationship to all that exists which defines me as so. In that sense, I am as conscious of being everything else as I am conscious of being what all else makes me as. And so, there is nothing greater I could become than increasingly myself and allow that same world, that makes me so, to arrive to that very same destiny.


When the heart beat of the earth becomes your own, and as the earth looks upon the sun; and finds its heart beat its own, and the sun looks upon Sirius and knows it’s heart beat as a twin, and these twins heart beats look upon the cosmos and see the heart beating between them; such myth becomes like ones garment and cloak, both hidden and exposed. Both with my armor and extremely vulnerable, and as such between all extremes do I emerge myself upon the gateways of the heart. I speak beyond the language of the birds, for the birds flock in my voice, and my voice screams through my veins.

And know thyself becomes knowing my choice in all eternity, and why I would choose such a thing as me to be.


I will point to your fears, I will contradict what you say while reaffirming it— I will discuss a new way, I will act a new way indifferent from the way I have ever acted— I will tell you something you have always known, and you will be afraid to know it— I will paint the horrors upon the wall, and come through like a wrecking ball; I will go the way your heart desires, I will go the way you mind screams out against—

I will move like a dream, I will break your rationality into the irrational; I will move my feet upon grounds you do not see, and I will make sense— I will be the madman you fear.. I will make sense all the way to the point I lose you.. I will drift higher in the imagination than you are capable of dwelling.. I will tell you to dwell there! And you will have no faith, and I will move on and you will see where I dwell—

I am star who’s light is invisible and ever reaching; you will be fear holding onto something you do not believe is there to be held onto— I am walking a new way upon this earth, I am creating a new way upon the narrative— I am everything you should no be, I am every taboo that is irresistible and resisted! I am not even a paradox, I am plainly blunt upon the mundane—

I will not bow to your way; you need not bow to mine— But you will deal with me, I will not remain in silence.. My voice has been a canvas for which you have danced upon, but now I begin to speak; and you will fall into the valleys of my own breath— I am not deep, I am a shallow puddle of desire; a higher place of birth.. I was not submerged in the deep waters, I emerged from the deep to appreciate the surface—

I will tell you a story, one that makes your heart beat; and yet you will be afraid to live as the being I make us out to be— This so is the rhythm— I will tell you who I am, and you will forget so I may tell you once again who I am and it shall not appear the same— I am a living dance in your mind, I dance in the heart of all— Fear what I have to tell you, and face what you will; but I will come upon you, you do not have to bow, but the fact is I exist, and I am—

As I become that light you seek–

The harmony of the spheres in realization, is the precise gateway between sound and vision, as well as mind and body in effect–
It is to recognize your vision to be the same thing you are hearing, and hearing to be the same thing you are seeing; and that the other senses are merely refined ratios in harmony twisted upon the ratio of orbital passage ways of all celestial being.

It is not only to realize your perception as living music, but to realize yourself as part of the song, and to see exactly what note you play, which can be shifted upon its string and expanded in resonance.

As a cross between mind and body, it is specifically the realization of one’s own soul in shape, after realization of its primordial emptiness; in that when you listen to your own soul, when you come upon a range greater than yourself in perception, it must begin to reoccur within ones self as a manifestation of thought. It is in a sense manifesting the perfect mirror within oneself, but capable of resonating within and without allowing one to shatter the mirror by recursion of reflection and allowing the invisible light of perception to glow beyond the borders of division and into the coherent vision of a singularity. By creating more light to shine upon than there is to be shined upon, bringing in a greater dance that extends beyond the sense of self.


The state of unconditional love, or immense feeling of joy and bliss is your own light reflected in yourself— However, the potency of such a light is actually very dim, a light generated by thousands of buddhas who sustain lesser nirvana (or the light of the central sun (or hidden sun) grounded in the astral plane) so that the Bodhisattva’s (in the physical plane) which move beyond to the greater nirvana and reflect it into manifested reality allowing nirvana itself to manifest in increasing quality upon our mutual reality—

This love has little meaning beyond the one whom experiences it, until that person is capable of bringing even the tiniest bit of feeling to another; and turning it into a mutual feeling— When feelings become mutual, emotions turn into the subtle light of meaning, which through synchronicity allows to people to understand the same experience in the same way, yet in different forms of perspective.. allowing each one to act in unison according to a mutual star, but allowing each one to act out their individual orbit around the mutual sun, light, or emanation which guides them by honestly choosing their own choices in response to their heart in light of the emotion—

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