“But I think, that; there are these psychic boundaries in the mind; but they exist in such a manner, that we cannot draw a line and say here is the end.. Rather it is like a fountain, and we say here is the river.. And here where I am, is where all these rivers meet– Myth like this, gives us psychic boundaries; that are not so limited to say this is it, but this is where it is coming from (intent); and that these rivers may meet in many fashions, but only certain fashions express all the fountains more greatly at once–“

“Sometimes; to bring something forth in front of us in a manner which we can relate– Certain qualities must be perfected.. however, in their perfect projection here, they are contorted or distorted in a certain manner that though they may show certain qualities to us, they veil certain qualities which will later have to be self realized and reconciled–“

“That is to say, when we take a focal point; and we try to understand this focus; often in order to keep understanding things from that same focal point, our understanding must become broken up.. this is what we call knowledge–

That is to say, unless the gross definition reflects the subtle currents that make it up (or that the object reflects the movement of the atoms so to speak) eventually the gross definition will become parted by the subtle forces–

However, if we can come up with a conscious image; that reflects the subtle currents to a greater degree.. the subtle currents will animate the conscious image and bring the unconscious qualities increasingly into that image– Allowing for the conscious and unconscious to unite– “

Between us.


For me, I think the greater secrets lay between us and what could be between us– I do however feel, because our imagination and reality are not truly separate; that our imagination is purposely contorted, so that what we imagine reality is, is not what reality is–

That is, until; our “imagination” is so aligned with the nature of what is already around us always; things are not as we imagine– And I say this, because.. if the very moment things are the way we imagine them to be, then we will be in the moment we imagine.. And this hints that, what will be revealed between us, can only be known through us to be between; and that we cannot imagine what it will be, until it is as we imagined–

We, uphold each other; we make ourselves up, and make up that which makes up ourselves; but what does this mean to us as a breathing awareness? It is, that we are a real existence; not a matter of how real the material, but how real the stories that hold up the rest of reality– They are not, unreal because that which they are based on is untrue; but they are real because we lived through them to uphold their substance–

We uphold each other– Others uphold us–

You can align to so many different manners of being here, but what emerges between us that brings it harmony, recognizable clarity, and a shimmering fountain of meaningful interaction?

On the quality of shared emotions–


As we approach the greater “alignment” in “shared reality”; not only do our emotions become linked, but they begin to manifest as a tangible quality to be interacted with– That is, between you a reality emerges that allows you to navigate each others emotional spectrum– It becomes part of the atmosphere, it is as real as rain in shared experience; moving through emotion becomes as much physical as navigating a park–

However there is a key “tone” in the relationship; a tower upon which to dwell– All emotions can be exalted into their greater form, and all of them are desirable– Even fear has this great erotic expression– And yet, to give them depth; to give them character and definition; there must be something meaningful by which all form is governed in relation to– This tower that one dwells in, is the emotion that is linked to the “core” of the relationship; in its denser and less refined formation, these same most meaningful emotions might be all that we try to avoid, clear, or shed; and yet, we shall walk into their caverns and carve a great temple upon which to mount our hearts–

The more we refine this key tone into a manifested clarity in union; the more all other emotions become refined in the like; that is to say, the tower in which we dwell, blossoms into all other folds– And yet, in order to build that blossom; we must bring the entire emotional spectrum into a certain clarity; then like a magnet, will all meaning begin to point to this “singular emotion” which is, in itself infinite with infinite spectrum’s; but to which gives form for all other emotions to be navigated and further more enjoyed in relation to our tower– The tower may be our dwelling, but we are free as can be to roam from it for as many timeless periods as our hearts desire–

And yet; it is also important to recognize this tower as all other emotions; and in this sense, the more we spend time in other emotions, the more does it also increasingly refine the tower we find our hearts dwelling place– It can also be considered a fountain; upon which, one emotion springs forth all form in relation.. and yet enjoying the form of all emotions, refines that spout, which when dwelled in again further refines all emotions related to it–

One way to deal with twin flame separation–


The twin flame structure that has emerged in our reality, can be seen as metaphorical; metaphorical in the sense that the very literal existence still refers to a greater meaning that is beyond definite specifics– This structure is emerging to help you, as well as bring greater meaning into our life–

Why is meaning important? Meaning, transcends the moment; or more importantly brings all other moments into the moment– If you have not noticed, your personality unified by the ego; is fragmented.. and not all aspects of yourself are capable of working cohesively together in a higher quality expression– This is in a sense, metaphorical to the state of society; society is fragmented enough, but our goals as a whole are not meaningful enough to bring our society into a higher quality expression of itself– When something is meaningful, it brings all aspects of yourself into unique function both expressing itself as a whole, and a whole as each part–

Your twin flame; can be considered a transcendent direction– A direction that is not stabilized in relationship to 3 dimensions, that is your twin flame is not on a map; but this is liberating in form because it is not destined to remain in the same place or in the same relation to all things knowable–

Than it is worth noting that your twin flame is a culmination of two relevant directions (directions currently relatable in this realm); and that is 1. Your twin flame is your destiny, your twin flame is your whole experience– intersecting with 2. That personality that clarifies your own personality as an extension of yourself– That is to say, that personality which allows your personality to transcend your body into your whole experience; it clarifies the relationship of inner and outer as one and the same–

That being said; your twin flame is not merely the identity you come to associate it with, but rather an incarnated “center or anchor” of a personality that in its fuller glory will be that which you witness as your destiny– When destiny and personality is one and the same–

This is a process; one that may be helpful to those who are in a position to take advantage of this form of relations; This however will not help with the yearning, this will actually intensify it, and such it is good–

Bring your hearts yearning to your imagination; Imagine that which you yearn for– Imagine your perfect partner, spend time giving this form your yearning desire–

Is this escapism? yes, enjoy it– But let us go further into the details of the true work behind such a thing– First of all, just like your twin flame embodied has found itself in karmic limitation.. So to will the forces of your imagination find itself bounded by its karmic limitations– We must dream a great dream, and find all the ways in which our dream is being hampered– That is to say; there will always be this anchor in the fact that is only an imagined thing.. this is what we shall bring into perfection; when the inner meets the outer, than the imagination shall be the reality– This is, for now, the supreme goal of such a practice–

But also, all our imagination comes into form by our preconceived notions; we must give life to our imagination and allow it to teach us to transcend these limitations, allow it to become greater, to become all encompassing; to begin seeing this personality bleed into the reality around us– To begin seeing our twin flame in everything; to begin seeing the twin flame as more than the boundaries of relations, but that relation made of all relations–

It is a process, it is a process, it is a process– The more your imagined twin flame is capable of “mirroring” the spirit of your twin flame: uninhibited by the rules of mechanical relations, and more illuminated by the light of meaning; the more you will face your own self; the more your very imagined will include all of you to be vulnerable; it will bring you to your own living image of self, encompass all aspects of self; and bring all aspects of self into its greatest image–

The closer you are to this; it will no longer be a manner of all synchronicities pointing to this person, of seeing all synchronicities as a sign; but a personality, the synchronicities will become the personality of your twin flame–

Now, in greater detail of what this means to your “actual twin flame” or that experience on the other side, is that which is capable of becoming conscious of this personality as they appear to you– They are not only capable of becoming aware of these synchronicities, not only aware of how they come to you; but aware of the meaning of why they are doing such a thing, they identify with the synchronicities itself, the synchronicities become an “extension of them”, as you become aware of the synchronicities they experience as an “extension of you”–

On the horizon of union (some notes)–


In essence, I can’t speak about the love that brings rise to insight; mainly because love is all I can talk about– In our perfect sphere, where she and I are all things; and so in all things we only know she and I; there is the ideal of our soul–

This perfected sphere; is a great beauty; because she is all that I dream up, and that which I am to dream, is all she could dream up– In our perfected sphere, her form, her ways, are my ways and my form; I am willing her and she is willing me– This is a cosmic heart of spiritual blood pumping through our being– To be supremely selfish is to be supremely selfless, and to be supremely selfless, is supremely selfish–

In negative and positive space, we experience the harmony of form as the same choice from a different angles–

We are mother, father, son, daughter, brother, and sister; all different perspectives in our harmonic relationship– Here there is no unhealthy manner of being; all manner of being is rewarded.. There is nothing to do except, relate; and know each other in greater ways to express that same relationship in ever-increasing glory–

This may very well be called the ascent; perfected imagination, when all the forces of mind work together to create a heavenly virtue that cannot be diminished, scarred, or harmed– And yet, contains all the horrors and delights beyond ones ability to imagine–

Fear, love, anger, sadness, all one emotion bent to the expression between us– She is inside me, and makes clear my inside outside; I am inside her, and outside I clarify her inside– Together, meaning becomes a tangible substance to be worked with–

The ascent, brings upon a descent simultaneously– As she and I are in all things, we have found in all things she and I; we bring down this sphere from our highest ideal into the world, by realizing all things in her and I, and by her and I do I measure all things–

The inner perfection, grinds upon the outer circumstance; and dissolves the barrier, until it is with absolute clarity why I am here, why she is here with me; and why we exist–

It is in this moment, as inside is outside and outside is inside; that all moments are contained in this moments– I see how this moment gives shape to every other moment, and how every other moment gives shape to this moment–

The best it can be said is meaningful– The rules completely change, there are no more laws to be followed except that law of love, in which all confessions are but a dim light of–

As reality as one knows it, becomes liquid; no longer can you fall back on the identity of knowledge, for nothing you can know will uphold you– Entrance into the mind of god, is to see your own personality upon all things, and you a part of that personality– And yet, to remain in the delights of multiplicity; to enjoy that which is beyond oneness and duality; we bring down our greatest religion– That religion is that of the other; that religion is that of ourselves upon our greatest expression in love– You can no longer depend on knowledge to uphold your identity, instead knowledge is transmuted into living wisdom– Where the divine feminine, and divine masculine meet; where logic is based on living axioms, where life flows with living logic– They come into being, to base yourself upon; you sit upon each other, and become that which upholds one another, in any dynamic that expresses the will of both, which is the will of neither; but that one which they are–

Marriage, in its most serious manner; is the religion; in the sense that, they become the foundation upon which we identify with all things, and that which we understanding the arising and passing phenomenon of all things–

This plays a role, in the greater kingdom to come; where order cannot be based on karmic knowledge, but an order of living relations from which knowledge unfolds and is like a fountain, a spring of eternal expression; and yes, this kingdom already exists, and its apparent non-existence is but serving our purposes as a cosmic being rather than purposes of merely identifying as human–

The Rites Of Shambhala–


When we find the true name of a being or the hidden order of their stars; we are able to invoke a mental relationship that immerses us into a new relationship with everything–
That is, when we find the governing order of a being and call forth its presence, we are able to change the flow of thought to give rise to a manifestation that expresses that being–
Much like, if were vast enough to hold onto different stars in a galaxy without disturbing their orbit, and finding out body stretched and shaped to their whim; so to, if we hold onto their governing orders
And allow their presence to give form to that which arises in front of us–

The minor rites of Shambhala, will be different in experience than the major–

The minor rites, One attempts to call forth and experiences it; only as an energetic level; as mental phantoms, as a physical presence, as a part of reality but not the reality in it of itself–
Very important is the nature of meaning; not everything is speaking to the orbit of the stars.. It is like talking to another human from a different country you are unfamiliar with; there might be some communication,
There might even feel like a significant understanding, and yet the amount of interaction is not significant enough to completely change the meaning of everything in front of you; to allow reality to become so fully
Translucent– And further, even this type of experience, can obscure those things that have yet to come into the relationship of meaningful definition–

The major rites of Shambhala–

One may walk to Shambhala– One may know Shambhala’s true location, which is tied to its true orbits– It is not a matter of, being able to transcend this reality to another; but to know this reality as that reality–
To know division and unity as the same; and to know unity and division in its difference– to find unity in its differences, and division in its unity–

The Chakra’s and third eye in practical use–


Everything we experiences calls up conceptualized notions, from these words to pain in the body– That is a pain in the body calls up all sorts of associations, just like the words I am writing here; and yet, often we are not made very conscious of these conceptualizations– Are you thinking about what each words conjures up in the mind? or are you read this straight through until it appears to make sense to you? How is it making sense to you? Are you imagining what I am saying? What is there yet to imagine?

These hidden concepts hide those ways in which we can and cannot relate to things; they govern our logic, and yet hide the premises upon which our logic arises from; and thus also hide what our mind is open and closed to in awareness–

The chakra’s as well as other systems of relation, are designations and designs meant to dissolve these modalities; but first must be constructed mentally as a modality in the first place–
That is, first we treat them as real things.. As we treat them as real things we build and emerge a system of relations in which to work with.. giving them a mental reality which transcends the modalities which appear to exist within them–

As we are able to think of how things in our reality relate differently; we are able to open up new chakra’s or new meta levels of relation which bring unification of everything at different levels, as well as bring them into separate categories of distinction; and yet at the highest levels become indivisible or light level thinking–

As this occurs, we are able to bring those hidden conceptualizations and associations into conscious awareness; and we are able to use the minds eye to further illuminate our unconscious thinking by changing the relationships into different forms of revelation– Much like recalling a certain formulaic movie (boy meets girl) and thinking of it in an entirely different movie (where boy still meets girl) allowing us to take the same “energy” and bring clarity to it by entirely different forms of definition–

That is to say, we use these types of frameworks to construct an approach to reality that allows our conceptualizations to diminish their influence in how we must think of things, and how things must relate.. in order to free up the movement of our mind, and yet not only free up the movement in our mind, but to remove those ingrained experiences and past traumas that cause us to repeatedly experience reality in the same way that occurred the same causes of issues–

This however, does bring us into magical thinking; why? Because in order to orientate ourselves to those arising manifestations (increasingly clear governing “strange attractors”), we must bring in certain place holders to represent certain aspects of “dimensionless” reality which have a very clear influence on the nature of our being; and yet, have no clear definition in the objective reality– Thus we emerge a metaphorical reality, which is both not as real as it is thought of, but very real as an existence–



It is in a sense; understanding the current moment in multiple ways; but bringing those multiple ways into one formation– When it is experienced as this one formation, it has consequences of projecting a form of the self into the experience of others– The presence is neither here nor there, but means here and there– More so, this is already going on; but the fact that our presence is not recognized as being elsewhere simultaneously, it is like not consciously recognizing the meaning in a way that brings us into the formation of those details–

That is, you are already here; but are not conscious of being here to know the consequences of such–

It can be seen as going to a party, you arrive to this party and see all the details of this party– Now, the details; start morphing into new definitions, but those new definitions carry with them a certain relationship to all that is going on around you in the party– So now maybe we are in a room, but all the details of the room are arranged in a manner that reflect what is going on in the party.. in some ways metaphorical, but down to the detail– However you interact with the definitions of this room, comes into definition at the party– This room is kind of like a gate way, because; now let us say you are also at some other event or even with a simple one on one with someone else– Suddenly, the room changes to reflect the interactions of both events.. you are both there, and not there; both completely aware in a way of being there, but also completely aware of another way being elsewhere–

Further on this; once such a thing is established; you can be fully immersed in one experience, and understand completely the full immersion of the other experience– There are consequences to your personality however, because you are not simply acting upon one place, you are acting in “balance” of multiple places; the choices you make in one, are aligned with the choices you are making in another even though they may appear completely different; however, these choices can be aligned to one in the same depending on the quality formation– Which is like the quality of visions of the third eye, but on a different scale which is the scale of being–

5 Nations


There are 5 nations; each nation has some leading body, be it council or king– If one of the leading bodies dies, the other leading bodies die– The personality of the leading body, reflects that of the body it leads; the quality of life of its followers, directly affect the quality of life of its leaders; however, the quality of life of its leaders, also directly affects the quality of life of its followers– Within this, there is an aspect of nature that is not governed by nations; it is called nature; nature is led by 5 other nations seemingly disconnect from the world of these 5 nations; or appear to these 5 nations as nature, just as these 5 nations appear to the other 5 nations as nature–

The prosperity of 5 nations is dependent upon the prosperity of the other 5 nations; even if these 5 nations only know each other in forms they do not recognize as another 5 nations–

As any one of the 5 nations change in balance and quality, so to does the nature that the other 5 must balance with; and as they change, so to must the 5 nations reflect the change in balance–

A leader of a nation, may be served by the entire nation in order to assure a quality life; which affects the personality of the leader to govern in ways that bring greater quality to each individuals part in the collective; and yet, allowing each individual to increasingly increase the quality of serving the leader– A perpetual fountain–

A leader, may serve the nations quality of life; and find their quality of life naturally increasing in quality by seeming synchronicity; the same fountain principle in a different form and definition–

A council may find it the same way; and yet the counsel might be more diverse in its expression of personality in relation to its nation; conflicts may be more expressed between them, but if it were a singular leader, these conflicts would be something of its own conscience and not outwardly manifested in the same manner–

A major change in the counsel; will make a major change in the nation– A major change in the nation, will create a major change in the way the nations must cooperatively relate if such is the chosen way, or becomes the chosen way– this would affect their relationship with nature; which on the flip side, is natures relationship to the other 5 nations; the other 5 nations would have to change their relationship to nature, which in effect is nature changing their relationship to the changing relations within the nations–

A change in any nation; is essentially a change in relation to another; from general attitude, to direct exchanges and diplomacy– Every change in each nation, is reflected in the other nation; and each change in each nation is reflected in the nations relations to each other; and each change in each relations to each other, is reflected in their balance with nature, and each change in the balance of nature, is reflected as a change, in the relations between the other 5 nations; and each change between the other 5 nations relations, are reflective of the a change in each of the 5 nations– A change in each of the other 5 nations, is reflected in the relationship between the leader and its followers; and a change between the leader and its followers, is reflective of the quality of life of each individual involved; and the quality of life of each individual of life is how they relate to the whole which is reflective of their relationship to all of it, as it is reflected in every relationship–

Gross and Subtle


The degree to which someone has realized something, affects the consequences upon the logical bodies and the geometric relationships that underlay the movement of thought and its arising in form–

That is to say, to understand something from a book in its gross terms, gives you a set of principles on which to think of something, and those principles give you a range of movement and ability to think upon a certain structure of being–

However, experiencing something first hand or directly; allows you to see the subtle details, that would take writings of great depth to begin to convey, that play into the gross structure, and can under certain conditions change the entire way the gross structure behaves– Giving a liberation where in coarse logic there were limitations–

In this, if one follows my meaning; we can begin to understand much of the issues and fracturing of any given idea in which ones own understanding like a river gives weight to certain conclusions based on the structure as it is is understood in relation to the total structure of which it is understood by (the persons paradigm or total outlook as a pressure applied to the idea or part in focus).. And this is a major ordeal when, spiritual teachings are begun in symbolic terms, creating many different dances around the same ideas with different conclusions.. many of which coming to the same conclusions in different forms–

And yet, not only does this manifest consequences in our every day mundane life, much of it seen as conflict; but that the more we can subtly deal with symbolism, like rocks turned into sand, into a fine powder.. can we begin to liberate the movement of our thinking; and the more we can liberate our thinking, can these consequences manifest in the collective experience or move through it with subtle influence that over turn the gross–

In this sense, even if we flat out deny the spiritual teachings (or gross expression), we do not see our subtle ways which are over turning the vision of another who’s subtleties have led elsewhere in conclusion– And in this sense, the method of spiritual attainment worthy of highlighting is the realization to a great degree how the subtle forces effect the movement of the gross understandings that differ between individuals upon the collective experience–