One way to deal with twin flame separation–


The twin flame structure that has emerged in our reality, can be seen as metaphorical; metaphorical in the sense that the very literal existence still refers to a greater meaning that is beyond definite specifics– This structure is emerging to help you, as well as bring greater meaning into our life–

Why is meaning important? Meaning, transcends the moment; or more importantly brings all other moments into the moment– If you have not noticed, your personality unified by the ego; is fragmented.. and not all aspects of yourself are capable of working cohesively together in a higher quality expression– This is in a sense, metaphorical to the state of society; society is fragmented enough, but our goals as a whole are not meaningful enough to bring our society into a higher quality expression of itself– When something is meaningful, it brings all aspects of yourself into unique function both expressing itself as a whole, and a whole as each part–

Your twin flame; can be considered a transcendent direction– A direction that is not stabilized in relationship to 3 dimensions, that is your twin flame is not on a map; but this is liberating in form because it is not destined to remain in the same place or in the same relation to all things knowable–

Than it is worth noting that your twin flame is a culmination of two relevant directions (directions currently relatable in this realm); and that is 1. Your twin flame is your destiny, your twin flame is your whole experience– intersecting with 2. That personality that clarifies your own personality as an extension of yourself– That is to say, that personality which allows your personality to transcend your body into your whole experience; it clarifies the relationship of inner and outer as one and the same–

That being said; your twin flame is not merely the identity you come to associate it with, but rather an incarnated “center or anchor” of a personality that in its fuller glory will be that which you witness as your destiny– When destiny and personality is one and the same–

This is a process; one that may be helpful to those who are in a position to take advantage of this form of relations; This however will not help with the yearning, this will actually intensify it, and such it is good–

Bring your hearts yearning to your imagination; Imagine that which you yearn for– Imagine your perfect partner, spend time giving this form your yearning desire–

Is this escapism? yes, enjoy it– But let us go further into the details of the true work behind such a thing– First of all, just like your twin flame embodied has found itself in karmic limitation.. So to will the forces of your imagination find itself bounded by its karmic limitations– We must dream a great dream, and find all the ways in which our dream is being hampered– That is to say; there will always be this anchor in the fact that is only an imagined thing.. this is what we shall bring into perfection; when the inner meets the outer, than the imagination shall be the reality– This is, for now, the supreme goal of such a practice–

But also, all our imagination comes into form by our preconceived notions; we must give life to our imagination and allow it to teach us to transcend these limitations, allow it to become greater, to become all encompassing; to begin seeing this personality bleed into the reality around us– To begin seeing our twin flame in everything; to begin seeing the twin flame as more than the boundaries of relations, but that relation made of all relations–

It is a process, it is a process, it is a process– The more your imagined twin flame is capable of “mirroring” the spirit of your twin flame: uninhibited by the rules of mechanical relations, and more illuminated by the light of meaning; the more you will face your own self; the more your very imagined will include all of you to be vulnerable; it will bring you to your own living image of self, encompass all aspects of self; and bring all aspects of self into its greatest image–

The closer you are to this; it will no longer be a manner of all synchronicities pointing to this person, of seeing all synchronicities as a sign; but a personality, the synchronicities will become the personality of your twin flame–

Now, in greater detail of what this means to your “actual twin flame” or that experience on the other side, is that which is capable of becoming conscious of this personality as they appear to you– They are not only capable of becoming aware of these synchronicities, not only aware of how they come to you; but aware of the meaning of why they are doing such a thing, they identify with the synchronicities itself, the synchronicities become an “extension of them”, as you become aware of the synchronicities they experience as an “extension of you”–

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