On the quality of shared emotions–


As we approach the greater “alignment” in “shared reality”; not only do our emotions become linked, but they begin to manifest as a tangible quality to be interacted with– That is, between you a reality emerges that allows you to navigate each others emotional spectrum– It becomes part of the atmosphere, it is as real as rain in shared experience; moving through emotion becomes as much physical as navigating a park–

However there is a key “tone” in the relationship; a tower upon which to dwell– All emotions can be exalted into their greater form, and all of them are desirable– Even fear has this great erotic expression– And yet, to give them depth; to give them character and definition; there must be something meaningful by which all form is governed in relation to– This tower that one dwells in, is the emotion that is linked to the “core” of the relationship; in its denser and less refined formation, these same most meaningful emotions might be all that we try to avoid, clear, or shed; and yet, we shall walk into their caverns and carve a great temple upon which to mount our hearts–

The more we refine this key tone into a manifested clarity in union; the more all other emotions become refined in the like; that is to say, the tower in which we dwell, blossoms into all other folds– And yet, in order to build that blossom; we must bring the entire emotional spectrum into a certain clarity; then like a magnet, will all meaning begin to point to this “singular emotion” which is, in itself infinite with infinite spectrum’s; but to which gives form for all other emotions to be navigated and further more enjoyed in relation to our tower– The tower may be our dwelling, but we are free as can be to roam from it for as many timeless periods as our hearts desire–

And yet; it is also important to recognize this tower as all other emotions; and in this sense, the more we spend time in other emotions, the more does it also increasingly refine the tower we find our hearts dwelling place– It can also be considered a fountain; upon which, one emotion springs forth all form in relation.. and yet enjoying the form of all emotions, refines that spout, which when dwelled in again further refines all emotions related to it–

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