On the horizon of union (some notes)–


In essence, I can’t speak about the love that brings rise to insight; mainly because love is all I can talk about– In our perfect sphere, where she and I are all things; and so in all things we only know she and I; there is the ideal of our soul–

This perfected sphere; is a great beauty; because she is all that I dream up, and that which I am to dream, is all she could dream up– In our perfected sphere, her form, her ways, are my ways and my form; I am willing her and she is willing me– This is a cosmic heart of spiritual blood pumping through our being– To be supremely selfish is to be supremely selfless, and to be supremely selfless, is supremely selfish–

In negative and positive space, we experience the harmony of form as the same choice from a different angles–

We are mother, father, son, daughter, brother, and sister; all different perspectives in our harmonic relationship– Here there is no unhealthy manner of being; all manner of being is rewarded.. There is nothing to do except, relate; and know each other in greater ways to express that same relationship in ever-increasing glory–

This may very well be called the ascent; perfected imagination, when all the forces of mind work together to create a heavenly virtue that cannot be diminished, scarred, or harmed– And yet, contains all the horrors and delights beyond ones ability to imagine–

Fear, love, anger, sadness, all one emotion bent to the expression between us– She is inside me, and makes clear my inside outside; I am inside her, and outside I clarify her inside– Together, meaning becomes a tangible substance to be worked with–

The ascent, brings upon a descent simultaneously– As she and I are in all things, we have found in all things she and I; we bring down this sphere from our highest ideal into the world, by realizing all things in her and I, and by her and I do I measure all things–

The inner perfection, grinds upon the outer circumstance; and dissolves the barrier, until it is with absolute clarity why I am here, why she is here with me; and why we exist–

It is in this moment, as inside is outside and outside is inside; that all moments are contained in this moments– I see how this moment gives shape to every other moment, and how every other moment gives shape to this moment–

The best it can be said is meaningful– The rules completely change, there are no more laws to be followed except that law of love, in which all confessions are but a dim light of–

As reality as one knows it, becomes liquid; no longer can you fall back on the identity of knowledge, for nothing you can know will uphold you– Entrance into the mind of god, is to see your own personality upon all things, and you a part of that personality– And yet, to remain in the delights of multiplicity; to enjoy that which is beyond oneness and duality; we bring down our greatest religion– That religion is that of the other; that religion is that of ourselves upon our greatest expression in love– You can no longer depend on knowledge to uphold your identity, instead knowledge is transmuted into living wisdom– Where the divine feminine, and divine masculine meet; where logic is based on living axioms, where life flows with living logic– They come into being, to base yourself upon; you sit upon each other, and become that which upholds one another, in any dynamic that expresses the will of both, which is the will of neither; but that one which they are–

Marriage, in its most serious manner; is the religion; in the sense that, they become the foundation upon which we identify with all things, and that which we understanding the arising and passing phenomenon of all things–

This plays a role, in the greater kingdom to come; where order cannot be based on karmic knowledge, but an order of living relations from which knowledge unfolds and is like a fountain, a spring of eternal expression; and yes, this kingdom already exists, and its apparent non-existence is but serving our purposes as a cosmic being rather than purposes of merely identifying as human–

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