On merging–


As what is known as the third eye opens, progressively the nature of unity arises within the mind in a series of seemingly incompatible formations; The shapes, energy, sensations, it increasingly raises the awareness of the mind not being separate from all else—At first many of these things do not come in a very coherent fashion as you are understanding these sensations from the old paradigm; where the only real awareness of the higher nature is from the hearsay of others—And you know I was so foolish to think I was intelligent, and place the matter of intelligence as one of the highest values; but on this path, if you should treat it, such a notion will inevitably be shattered.. And somehow you will recognize the stupidity of such a notion, while simultaneously recognizing there is not stupidity–

Our common sense here, is hugely distorted compared to the purity of the higher notions of life—So what are the higher notions?

Visuals in the mind; When you think this inward notion, affect the way you can work with reality—Just as to, thinking outwardly exerts its own characteristics; however, if you are thinking that these two are separate, you are operating in a manner, which distorts your true will/nature/character/ spirit— For every choice you make between two or more different methods of being, looking closely will reveal that these are two different models that have not been reconciled—For every choice you see, you hide the true nature of self; because if you cannot see the reconciled condition, you cannot see that road you would take whose characteristics are an extension of one’s own–  As long as you are stuck in the distorted conditions of our lower nature, which are unable to act in accordance among themselves as long as they do not recognize their own nature (the higher notion), and though this discord does bring about suffering, it is also the root of our sense of limitation—The inability to relate to ourselves in full context (the mysteries), is the inability to unify the multiplicity in its higher state—

Note: though the higher state has oneness, those higher notions are within multiplicity itself—Those things already perfected (and this extends to us in a way not often recognized), and exist in multiplicity in this perfected state—Which means, this is accessible to us at this level because it is the same thing–

The nature of the third eye, is becoming aware of the elementals around you—While this takes many unique forms; the expansion is that of first becoming aware of energy around you in a room or object, as slowly your awareness becomes more aware of itself in a more pervasive manner; the higher initiations are taken or chakras get activated–

The elementals, are all the forces of nature perceived from the perspective we are at—The nature of individual karma, is to become aware of these forces in a more living and connected manner; One becomes so aware of patterns, that to express one’s self is more easily done even around unfamiliar patterns—The elementals are all of manifested reality as we see it—However, simultaneously as always; the lower forces are also the higher forces; The diva aspect of evolution, are the same elementals that make everything up–

Clearing one’s own karma, simply puts oneself in a neutral like state; we come upon the dharma— Recognizing one’s self as everything in a lower manner; one comes upon the laws that govern the self once someone is somewhat illuminated, something that though one can see all in unity, still comes across a limitation in expression–

Allow me to clear up a bit how I use these words karma and dharma, I mean this from a perspective that it is often not taught from; because it was not yet relevant to the student–
Karma is like getting a new computer when they just hit the consumer market; you learn how to operate the machine– Later, 10 years or so; you finally get a new one and things have radically changed, so you learn it again almost from the beginning, something of the same nature– Fast forward; and this occurs on a frequent basis, multiple computers in the home of different OS’s, cell phones, increasing use of technology in the public world– By this time, if one is not turned off; everything becomes rather inherent, the ability to understand the logic of their existence as it comes– To use such a machine to express yourself goes from learning the latest technological advances to swimming in a sea of fluid interfaces of varying quality and structures, and we have our inner guidance to do what we so wish relative to the perspective it is experienced– But suddenly, we come across a wall– Though we are fully capable of using technology as it develops to express ourselves; we cannot express ourselves further than the technology allows (as a consumer at least, general like)– This is dharma, dharma is the governing order when one has unified the fragmented perspectives within one’s self for the most part; and still finds that he is subject to forces that appear higher than himself– Dharma, while being more complex than simply this; dharma is the karma of all else, or your cosmic karma– It is the limitation of the universe to express itself in its highest expression, because this is so true for the individuals that make up this greater being– Why does it not just tell itself in a more clearer fashion?  Because this is so true for the higher being that makes up the individual–


The diva evolution is vital to the greater illumination; this is the point where one is no longer reconciling the differences within one’s own vision—We begin reconciling higher perspectives that engulf us; these perspectives are cosmic, understanding creation becomes more intimate–  The nature of such an experience includes such an array of experience in an increasingly constant manner that it becomes harder to bring into this world an expression that describes it without becoming distorted— As any model is inherently limited as it defines, when that which creates it is not limited (but not so limited as to not limit)– If one has ever heard of a Solar Body vs a lunar body; the major issue of the ability for the lunar body to understand the solar body, is in that the lunar body thinks of this as philosophical concepts and uses logic with limiting axioms– So one thinks the person, is speaking from the same place they are speaking; the lunar body reflects the light, and that is their hope and is the hope of all who value knowledge or life at any level– The solar body emanates it, though it may come through words heard before; though it might be an idea that you are familiar with, this is original, this is the source of the information– This arrangement of words, intentions, and meaning; arises in an order of distortion best suited for the time and the progress of the divine plan, just like the nature of the solar bodies distortion is that of perspective; the nature of such an order I am speaking of, is not absolute– The nature of our situation here is not eternal, it will evolve in ways in which we cannot speak of these things as eternal; the governing factors are capable of changing and doing so in what we would perceive as an intelligent manner–

Back to divas–
Let us say you are given a paper with 1,000 dots– and given a pen you are asked to connect them in any fashion you wish; this is a snapshot of your perception– The line is you, and you as well as all the other dots constitute the perspective of the moment– These are the elementals, they are with you all the time; the diva’s as well as the other realities which have no means of communication with our own at this time– Are all the other ways the dots could have connected simultaneously– As you connect the dots, you move all other relationships in existence; or you move with it–  The order of form in front of you contains everything, I am right in front of you; however the relationships that constitute myself, come into a formation that you do not recognize as in front of you– As you walk off into the distance, that disappearing trail behind you is not ceasing to exist; the relationships that make it up are not coming apart– you are simply changing your relationship with it, and thus it changes form–

If we wish to make great strides in magick, we must understand the unmanifested is in the manifested– That there are other unrecognized patterns occurring in front of us, in a way that we do not understand our relationship with them in order to bring them into manifestation– So yes at this point I am touching on the basis of interdimensional travel–

The issue however is; is that the dimensions we learn about or the constructs we design in which to interact with reality is inherently limited– This is the void or veil, we reach a point in which how the universe works where either more questions need to be answered, or the concept dies out from degrading into a new a paradigm–

So quite specifically, it is that we are dealing with elementals in front of us; the elementals are the divas in order that is unrecognizable in our condition– That is to say, dealing with astral projection or any such matter; is to begin understand relationships in front of you– This is the fragmented nature commonly thought of as the third eye–

It is to say that all spiritual dimensions are in your perception; everything that can be discussed or exist is in your sight– We are never talking about anything that is not in front of us and that we are not in relation with– Thus, any order of nature spoken about; that is not in front of the seeker, is a representation of relationships; relationships we always have in our experience, but that operates in such a manner that to think of it in form, would make it sound separate from the experience now–

The diva’s, use the guise of knowledge to hide the nature of the deeper revelations it leads to–
And it is that the distortion of revelation received in symbolic terms that represents to us an internal working of the universe, when in actuality it is a relationship capable of infinitely expanding itself in ways that express its nature increasingly within form– That is the form, is an expression of a relationship; the nature of this process is to refine your ability to think in terms of relation– So that, when it is revealed the true limitations of our being which is limitless; causes one to see the truth behind thinking in terms of cause and effect as limited; that we may arise to a new sense of being– Because it is at this point where clarity begins to shine, which is the ability to “bring down the light” by coming into increasing recognition of your own purpose in the cosmic context, which allows you to align with the original intentions of consciousness and work in a manner that reflects spirit in its most noble notions– By becoming increasingly self referential, by acting in accordance to the greater context.. We bring in something beyond intellect and something, that as of now earth has little real dealing with; and that is direct meaning beyond circular reference– A thing so aligned with itself and its purpose, that anything that approaches it will understand its relationship with it inherently and be able to act in harmony with it–

Such meaning could be considered a multifaceted jewel; one that if potent enough, if brought in with great light in clarity; the relationship could be so well understood, that one could walk through walls you can’t see in relation to it–

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