Ode to the–


Ode to the fantasies I dare not imagine;
The ultimate of desires, that I can barely caress—
The most damned of taboos;
For she is a ghost, and I am of flesh—

Ode to the thoughts that wander around her;
The only dress, that I dare not denude—
For the only way to acknowledge her;
Is not in her truth, but in her allude—

Ode to Sophia, to Isis, to Giaa;
The one of many, and the many of nom de guerre—
For she who is mine, might be she who is yours;
But mine is mine, in my motley affair—

Ode to the one for whom I belong;
Her hug my womb, her womb my odyssey—
And together we disembroil the umbilical;
For our harmony is our sovereignty—

Ode to the mom, of my highest myth;
My sister, my daughter, my one revered flame—
The stars, the moon, the earth;
the dancing embers, a chandelier dame—

Ode to the Axis Mundi, my worldly phallus;
The mighty penetration that substantiates my virility—
And the affection is so hungers for;
To soothe the state of my inability—

Ode to the limits of the infinite;
The edges that let me prowl her extravagant bust—
The definite and the imminent;
The uninhibited howl of the animist tuft—

Ode to the voice that has called my name;
The one I was given, like everything with which I am acquainted—
Though still hard to believe, to accept, to have absolute faith;
It is the way, it is the road, it is the path that I find sacred— 

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