Ode to authority–


Ode to the fact that seeking truth is seeking authority

Ode to the fact that the truth is liberating

Ode to the highest authority within one’s self, which is the authority of all; ode to the truth that is itself; and that this self is law–

Liberation is accepting the ultimate authority, liberation is being the ultimate authority; truth is nothing more than your intent unskewed by the forms you relate to– Truth is everything, but everything as truth is not in relation of effects, but the formation of intent that everything around you has expressed itself from–  

Ode to the free-will of man, when that will is freed by the authority of the universal will in which not only does our free will exist in, but consists of— Ode to the limits of the axioms we base ourselves on; the dreamer who is dreaming in the groundless ground, knows his axioms to be only what he wishes his axioms to be; and moves until those axioms support him fully in self–

Liberation is authority of self inherent by the authority of god in which our self is, but experiences itself as a part of

It is in this, if you think that god ultimately in his plans wants you to act in accordance with a certain manner; if that manner is not so vast in form that is becomes a formless understanding of the intent that ties it together; if you realize god’s plans and it is not somehow entirely an unending bliss of existence itself. Than anything you think you must act in accordance with, cannot be the highest will to know, because unless you understand your own coming perfection in the perfection of all; you will have to act in a way that is not your own, and denies god’s own creation as imperfect without hope of perfection–

That is, if a god made you and did not make you in absolute perfection, or deceives you into thinking that you yourself cannot be beyond what you are; than obviously we cannot be understanding god, because why would such a thing create something that it itself did not want to create–

If god did not want to create us, than it would be as simple as recognizing that such a god who cannot do what it desires, is not something we would begin to define as a god– If god could not make you absolutely in accordance to his own desires (I say his, but whatever); than god could not be himself–

If your fantasy cannot support you in your highest bliss, and all else in a simultaneous fashion.. That is if it cannot make both you and the one you hate happy; than your fantasy will always remain that, a fantasy– The difference between truth is fantasy is merely the degree of difference in which we experience them as separate; but they are the same, and such a sameness cannot be seen until they are seen as so; which will not be done until the fantasy is capable of understanding itself–

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