Narrative speech


The greater we can speak to the true context of the story, the more our language will transcend the limitations of language as we know it– This is partly why, everything brought down from these perfected realms so to speak, do not quite speak the truth; because they only reflect the context to a certain degree, and thus have a certain degree of conscious consequence–

When the words are spoken to our true nature, the whole of the reality around those words form a clarity; as if the words were illuminating everything around it at once– This is also in a sense, allowing people to understand a language even if they have never heard it before–

Now, narrative speech is a certain state; when the words spoken to the story are true, but true to the narrative in a different way; which allows us to move up out of the story as we perceive it and see the words highlight everything around us in a different way; suddenly we can deal with the story in incredibly different manners– This allows us to speak from the narrative, and consciously change the narrative of the story at hand– The moment the speech begins to change back into the substance of the story within the narrative, the correlations of the reality we perceive as it exists also changes back to the story– It is like moving out of the story and into the story without ever having really moved– just perceiving it differently– As the narrative speech is moved away from it is, forgotten in a certain manner like a dream, like that outlook of the narrative is no longer of vital consequence, and yet it is still there carrying everything we know playing out–


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