KRS-One on god–


This woman right here, I choose with my perception to see her as god; This is an ancient African technique, God was never outside of your perception– god was never outside of what you thought, that’s why western man came and said there is no god they are just making it up! RIGHT! But god is the greatest human invention in human history– And the reasons being, the reason Africans created god, was so that humanity in its infinity, would never run out of something to rise to– This is why god exists, if you don’t have god you don’t rise; there is nothing human about technology, sorry! there is nothing human about it; and this what I want to say in terms of your spirit, what can you see? this is god to me, and I respect her and treat her just like that– Thats my perception of her, now she can do something to break that perception, she can do something to enhance it, mmh– What if she knew that I thought she was god? then there is something in her that will try to live up to the image I see of her, there will be something in her that she will at least either have to deny god, or become–

This is how we as a community treated each other, if there is no god; then we are not family– The only way we can be brothers or sisters is if we have the same parent– Think.. We cannot call ourselves brothers or sisters, if we do not have the same mother or father– When we god is the eternal mother, we all become brothers and sisters, when we all say yes; I am part of this IDEA called god; not this separate man in the sky, not even a separate spirit– Lets just make this idea up right now, ain’t no body tell our ancestors what god was–


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