In the order of A:.A:.

The work completed in 9°=2□ is a natural unfoldment of one’s own self and one’s own ability to extend the principles of nature into a new realm of self, creating a completely coherent universe that contains all else from a new perspective in accordance to one will—

Hitherto unspoken the work of 10°=1□, which for reasons which become clear upon initiation, is a reserved degree; the work completed in the previous degree, when fanned into an infinite flame of expression, an eternal flame of generation— The Magi becomes a vortex, in which the once personal universe of experience, becomes a source of existence and fans itself into objective manifestation by the hidden way of all, or that which all dimensions are made, and in refinement governs all dimension within itself, understanding the movement of the fixed stars which do not move—

The personal and new universe created by the true Magus, blossoms into the equilibrium of all will in the next degree, by moving according to that which moves through all, without degradation and by which emerges new principles into existence, and new myth into public consciousness—

The difference between one degree and the other, is the difference of approach in of such immensity that the principles applied in the Magus degree are incomparable to the principles of Ipsissimus; and inherently inseparable and found in both—

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