We, when we understand the nature of honor and worship; are capable of honoring and worshiping everything; but in order to do this we must understand the difference between enlightenment and illumination beyond their narrow spiritual confines and embrace all as spirit; that aspect which animates all other elements— 

It is quite simple, enlightenment is a destructive process— It is to welcome Vietnam vets home with disgust and ill repute; it is to strip away the honor they were promised for fighting for our country, it is to strip them to the very core of their being after being sent into a manifested dark night of the soul; it is to make them realize whom they were to make their choices for regardless of decoration— 

Illumination is the decorated soldier, it is the accomplished man; it is the PhD, it is the generated mark of accomplishment in the invisible land of personal history and trial— It is as simple as a sign post to understand what a person has done and meant in their life in a visible way so that others know how to treat them; the higher quality the mark, the greater the degree of truth it carries, the higher quality the relationship that is honored when it is recognized and respected, though such respect will be carried out by the choice of those whom recognize— 

However, honor is relationship based; as is respect and worship— If you understand what something is to you, and this hold true in every way; than such is a higher quality of worship— You worship the ground by appreciating its ability to be that which you are able to walk upon, this is honoring it for what it is and its relationship to you; but as you move, such appreciation and relationships change and sometimes these go on unrecognized— For when I walk up the stairs to a second story floor, I appreciate the ground in the same way; and yet, I have not recognized what I am truly honoring if I have not realized that this ground has given me more ground; that this ground holds me up higher than other ground— This is something to be appreciated more, and yet; it doesn’t mar the honor of the floor below it; because without that foundation, without the ground I once walked upon holding the ground I walk upon now, such an honor could not arise in view; and thus each are exalted in relation to each other— 

Illumination, highlights those subtle things in life and allows us to honor those things that do not even appear to exist without decoration; The  two walls and ceiling coming into a corner, what corner would be there without such emergence of those things we recognize as what truly exists— You see, certain things can only be decorated; can only be understood through the relationships of other things relating to each other— How is such a thing practical? Well how can I talk to you about abstract ideas without a bunch of words that are not the concept itself, and yet pose the concept by their relationship and ability convey things beyond them merely by decorating a page or screen with some characters, that as far as we honor them have little meaning beyond the relationships we give them? 

Illumination is illustration— Illumination is in decoration! illumination is in labels, is in taking a number things and treating them as a set; or taking a set and treating them as a number of things.. It is in the ability to navigate waters that would otherwise be unchartered without land marks of passage— Illumination is to take a seed and let it become a tree; and a tree to be many seeds and many more trees in the future— Illumination is in a question with an answer that has more questions and even more answers with even more questions— It is the invisible ocean of intelligence, consciousness ,and sense of being— Enlightenment is the clarity of a brilliant light! Illumination is that light into color, and the ability to move to and fro! Enlightenment is self-realization, illumination is the mastery of that self and its expression— 

But more importantly, and more humanly; Enlightenment is the ability to really look at one’s self and see form or another, and illumination is the ability to look at everyone else and see it in a quality that brings life a greater form that can be said is worth living— Not to strive for peace, and miss the mark; but to aim for higher joy and find peace—  


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