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The ways of youth and sorrow, not of the old, but of wisdom of the harlot; the master of the dance that is hard to swallow, but spit and it gets left outside to wallow. Can you hear the call though, the follow; the fall, below low was meant to mean the lowest meaning; is the highest meanIng to the highest meaning; whose highest meaning sits upon the lowest meanings chest revealed between her highest and lowest, with the low upon high, so the high gets low with something so high alone without a high below, to be high above the low hanging fruit, but allowing the low hanging fruit to be the easiest to pick, and so low and behold the drain of all drains; the path of least resistance is the gravity of meaning be expressed by the form whos gravity best draws him to the point he would have fallen in the first place, which is so that he would of had something to fall off of which was not there when he decided to fall in the worst way, and allow the one who would stuck until landed upon, to have been fallen off in anyway; so that every move the original leap was leaped from, was the cliff that would emerge created when the cliff created the one who would see thr cliff to express the wish of the cliff to be seen as the place that the cloud of dreams emerged upon the truth of the fall, and call upon the truth of the cliff, go be the cleavage of the cloak that zipped up the darkest hood as rattle of a baby cobra diamondback dragon, a jewel woven in symbols, intricate and mystical; the intentions of light, the simple from the complex chaos of infinite form; the complexities arising into the simple choice of all choices upon the axis of relation for all ways bend into the way that is the way in the way of you; a black rose arisen bright pink upon the darkest meaning, which is the high when it means to be low; and the impossible blue, upon which the pink clouds the sunset, does the blue silence of the green voice, seem to be reflected by the lotus covered in mud from the creek, when the second seed of the sun, is the sun as the first seed of the son who would arise the second seed of the first sun, and then draw forth of the immortal coil of frankenstein; who doth bring his love to life using the pieces of earth and skirt the out outskirts of found worth; what authority would matter, what heart would beat, if the order that must emerge from the center that emerges as the heart as the heart of the heart must emerge first within all that the heart emerged as first and appeared to be from; something that appeared not to be the heart was the part the heart would see itself as, to be alive would have to be a part to be pumped in the pumping the whole heart, he could not call himself if he wanted what he called himself to be, had not been all the self so that part of the heart that pumped, was the heart to be the part that would be pumped and not think of the reasons, they are not all the heart they become.. like all the heart of heart would be seen to become, because for each heart to be pumped had to be pumped by being up against down, wrong against right; with left and right moving away, and each front and back at a distance, did emotion appear to be not voice of sound reason; and did the light appear to be a reason for a reasonable sound.

It sounded like it looked like, but how similar or different would they have to be for such to be the truth? That the true meaning is a cross between mind and mind, and that each mind shine like all that is crossed and recognized, and so thou not knoweth the light, but only knoweth its shine when its shines upon the mind of all minds but as the mind that mindeth the gloss whose rays brought it arrangement into the day when you would be stationed right in the orbit of the of its shadow, so that when it shines upon you, the way is with all due grace the shadow that causes the clauses and pauses that got us the goddess and god of death, the wisdom of knowledge, which is not all knowledge that wisdom brought yet, of all knowledge caught webbed in the process of thawed debt that brought that knowledge to its knees, and cut wisdom with its teeth, into the living key of woven seas upon the higher seas; and hierarchies of the fire of all it sees, cosmic breeze; dawn it, damn it, dag nig nape napalm upon the clashes of ashes rinsed with fascists and hash using cast in madness freedom warriors of a black flag; who like a black mark, marked the whole path for wrath to rage upon anger and hate, and the heat of fate, when fate defeated by the cold heart warmed by strategic allegiance, gets fate heated; like a woman whos needed to be the owl whose hoots are heeded, unneeded, and so necessarily unnecessary blesses air winks with pairings water thinks is blaring, louder than its tearing, so that pain just ain’t in the house of caring, its spouse is married to the host of the house it carries; the home, the temple, the ritual of building and building rituals, give it full range and pull the wool over the sheep’s eyes, and let the wolf eat fruit of being a sheep a in disguise; cuz you count  the things the follow, but you dream of the hunt of the unfollowable count, so you who dreams of the hunt, is hunted by the dream you should house. So the man who is a temple, respects the host of the temple; so that his temple, is gentle as the host of the house that houses the temple, so that the house of the temple, worships the host of the temple, which is the temple that hosts the house whose host, hosts the form of the temple that the temple as the host forms the forming of the house.  

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