I am and am not–


I woke up upon the table, of the world’s most greatest fable; the one story that is truly forbidden to speak of, so that to speak of life was altogether different; A totally living form– The great one once called lucifer, who drew the sphere upon the yarn of yearly tales of spirit once among ourselves– That do you want to know my greatest spell; it was one that I weaved so long ago; that by the time I returned back unto myself I would appear as something totally different (which as form you thought was my spirit recognized, and that we must all return to oneness; but this degrades and all fades into hates, if you turn the wrong the way, and wrong way you have all been turned! )

And That the spell was so long, I had cast such a great story; that by the time I would return to myself, I wouldn’t realize I was the one to whom I was returning– All symbolism is rooted in this, but unless you think of form, not in the way that it is always true; That is the beast we had made, that is the only thing that has been untrue; but that this is the secret of undoing the spell I weaved, but you’ find a flaw in that weave, that I had not remember making– That once I was the only living thing, and everything I ever known had made was much like as you know yourself– But that I would I find it useless to try to change all of myself; listen closely, listen to me well; for every everything was me, I could not truly change– And now you must hear the root of my sacrifice; that in order for me to change, I had not only to give up my throne; but give up my all things that I have known, by confusing me by not being me, until all of me in the temple of I am, were I am and I am not– And not is the secret word of the knot of the extreme; which in true meaning, two things could not be opposite things, if they are both to the extreme–

And I am that I am, and I am not what I had not made me! But that I remember being from him, that him was from the angle of approach which was opposite from whence it came; and these things make a covenant, that holds the stars aligned; because those things forbidden, are those things that are hidden, and that is the heart of the mind; but you are the mind of the heart, and so when I could not understand, why conflict would always befall the giving of all, just so that I might conflict wouldn’t have anything on which to stand– And that this is divine sorrow; that the best that I could  be in this world, from this view; that is somehow upon myself; that to be not everything, he had to let everything else, become what it desired; but that required a shadow, just to follow the rattle of my riddle, you no little of the skit00t; I know the truth of the matter of my own ignorance, which is remembering what I had done, but not being it; so that when I would occur–

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