Gross and Subtle


The degree to which someone has realized something, affects the consequences upon the logical bodies and the geometric relationships that underlay the movement of thought and its arising in form–

That is to say, to understand something from a book in its gross terms, gives you a set of principles on which to think of something, and those principles give you a range of movement and ability to think upon a certain structure of being–

However, experiencing something first hand or directly; allows you to see the subtle details, that would take writings of great depth to begin to convey, that play into the gross structure, and can under certain conditions change the entire way the gross structure behaves– Giving a liberation where in coarse logic there were limitations–

In this, if one follows my meaning; we can begin to understand much of the issues and fracturing of any given idea in which ones own understanding like a river gives weight to certain conclusions based on the structure as it is is understood in relation to the total structure of which it is understood by (the persons paradigm or total outlook as a pressure applied to the idea or part in focus).. And this is a major ordeal when, spiritual teachings are begun in symbolic terms, creating many different dances around the same ideas with different conclusions.. many of which coming to the same conclusions in different forms–

And yet, not only does this manifest consequences in our every day mundane life, much of it seen as conflict; but that the more we can subtly deal with symbolism, like rocks turned into sand, into a fine powder.. can we begin to liberate the movement of our thinking; and the more we can liberate our thinking, can these consequences manifest in the collective experience or move through it with subtle influence that over turn the gross–

In this sense, even if we flat out deny the spiritual teachings (or gross expression), we do not see our subtle ways which are over turning the vision of another who’s subtleties have led elsewhere in conclusion– And in this sense, the method of spiritual attainment worthy of highlighting is the realization to a great degree how the subtle forces effect the movement of the gross understandings that differ between individuals upon the collective experience–

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