Golden threads of a polished vein.


The heart blossoms, in such a manner.. that such there is a rod, or restriction.. or something.. definite of us that can be found– This, though; while our greatest tyranny, is also what allows it to blossom into incredible liberation, from form and definition– But why so in liberation is there tyranny? it is a matter of how we are tied together, and how this liberation of all has a cosmic heart, from which all hearts blossom, which declare the heart as so? So, the very tyranny of that which it governs us is our love–

We become a fixed self, in an unfixed form– Rather then an unfixed self, fixated on forms–

1. A golden thread– There is a golden thread of conversation going on within us, something that we are always in conversation with, or that we are only conversing with and yet at certain times we more consciously do so– The issue with this conversation, is that it takes form in many ways so that each way may appear as totally different from the other– However, as the golden thread is woven, it is akin to illuminating the circumference of ones qualities into a conscious center–

2. Polished veins– The perfected qualities, do not hold all qualities in perfection– Rather, the ability to see these perfected qualities within all qualities gives us a conscious “map” of ourselves, as we move from our polished projections (or perfected experience) into the unconscious realms of further perfection, which is brought back to the polished veins– This allows us to hold ourselves a sort of “tower” of consciousness, while at the same time like a light growing brighter from the tower, bring all within its view–

The golden thread and polished veins work together in conjuncture by creating a unique point of extremes within all things (that is a unique middle path), by circling a sphere one way, declaring the rest of the sphere in relation to it– However, while the golden thread talks about the qualities that our “highest ideal”, the polished veins are the definition of this golden thread that allows the extremes to unite at any given point and be passed like a gate– That is, the golden thread declares the ends of our recognition, the polished veins allows us to pass through that recognition into a greater realm of possible clarity, by allowing us to deal with those qualities in relation to the vein–

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