Four points of emptiness


There are four voids worth discussing in manifestation–

The first void is the personal void; that inner space of our own thoughts and feelings; manifestation here is very limited in a certain range, but within that range is a great multitude of forms–

The second void is hollow earth; or that collective inner space, where we can see the interconnected workings of the collective and our role to it– The manifestation here is about alignment, and brings our ability to manifest new ways into the collective sphere– Such as the idea of deprograming– The narrative at this level is always collective, and is brought in collectively in the sense that the collective upholds the points to which we align to–

The third void is the inner space of the stars– This is the level of consciousness where the first void, second void; merge into the awareness of the formation of a star– Which means the ability to create things from the mind, using the resources of space as an existence– Star consciousness is still under the rule of the common narrative, in the sense that; we draw from the available substances from the collective narrative to create new arrangements that can begin to be considered new things in it of themselves–

The forth void is the totality of all these voids aligned; and it is, the ability to call in a new narrative, which allows for things to arrange themselves in a manner that is not limited to the collective narrative like above.. However, in this manner the new narrative manifest things in a manner that clarifies the narrative into the collective, that is, because the manifestation at this level does not follow the same rules and principles as nature has previously suggested; a new aspect of reality is brought into greater clarity by virtue of the way it DOES work–

To describe this whole feat in a different manner– Imagine there is a dark room with a pole that lights up in the middle– Whatever color this pole lights up as, illuminates the room in that color– The first void, is that present light visible and understood as illuminating the rest of the room–

The second void; is like being far away from being able to see the pole itself; and yet, being able to “follow” the coloring of the objects to its source light–

the third void; is like that pole does not exist, and yet one understands why the pole comes into form to be considered the source (that is, the visible pole reflects the invisible pole)– This is like being aware of how to change the color of the light, using a hidden seam that is everywhere, and yet nowhere; and yet to everything is somewhere, everywhere; and consequential where it is found–

the forth void is the visible manifestation of the invisible pole, which brings in a new light upon the visible poles; which we experience as conscious clarity–

The fourth void is like four different poles shining four different colors, changing in almost a completely random manner; and then manifesting a 5th pole, whos movement and light clarifies the movement of the four poles, making them no longer random, but understood; from chaos into order–

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