A powerful sorcerer attracts fairies like swarms of bees after having disturbed the hive— The fairy or synchronicity which has been illuminated with meaning; reveals the most playful fairyland, in which all the fairies glow like fireflies in the night— When the sorcerer has made better friends with the synchronicities casting a shadow upon the mundane revealing the land behind the land; The sorcerer can then by remaining faithful to the story at hand, send off these fairies to light the way for others, by illuminating a certain strand of the story for another through shared myth which weaves itself in reality—Such a thing can contain great blessings for the one who is blessed with the power of fairy by a sorcerer; for the elementals can illuminate the other races of the order which are more suitable for mating with the human race— Other intelligent species that exist beyond the normal conceptions of life and what life is—

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