False Twin Flames and The Order Of Being


To clear the confusion of false twin flames; and the issues occurring now—

Your twin flame, is not a body; It is a soul— A soul in its essence, is not composed of form which is its expression; but it is a perception that in its perfection will exemplify certain transcendent qualities; these transcendent qualities, are however not so much its own; but its true unique mix of them—
However, you are born in conditions that hamper these qualities; these qualities would only be known the more you know liberation to be those qualities without preconceived notions of how to exist; AND yet, we can reach preconceived notions and conditions which better embody these qualities without liberation—

It is in this that we should understand, that our soul which experiences itself through form; is not attracted to any form in it of itself, but the qualities that form represents or illuminates— And because we are not in freeing conditions; we should understand that, anyone regardless of their soul being our twin flame or not; can under the right conditions, embody the qualities of our soul attraction— They however, are not in alignment to sustain these qualities, because that is not them; in a sense they were forced into this embodiment; this certain frequency of being— Which in its transcendent essence is your twin flame, but that the body and perspective is incapable of maintaining the incarnation of your twin flame for the duration of eternity— And as such, many bodies pass through the qualities of other souls while on the road to the perfection that is their own—

The issue here, is that we are like typing gibberish; and every once in a while; we type something close to a word we recognize; now if we developed rules to our gibberish, trying to define our words into sensible things, one might develop a consistent string of words that appear to you recognizable but to which the typer has meant something entirely different, not parallel to your thinking— Thus, when you are reading the words and trying to communicate; there will be inconsistencies or things that just don’t quite add up to an actual conversation going on—

Much of this has to deal with the fact that we have been constricted to a certain set of expressions in our daily life; and this is also why twin flames appear rare, or rarely bother to incarnate simultaneously (though there are also many other reasons), or will incarnate in a taboo manner in which no true romance can take place; and yet even this work is important as it gives us an ability to refine ourselves at more subtle levels in our soul—

The order of relations here, creates much fools gold; while simultaneously as we move into this new order of relationships in spirit; the desire, the interest, and intensity of it all arises— This is all with divine purpose—

But it also means, that your twin flame on earth; may be the unconscious aspect of your true twin flame (to which he is not aware of being at that time), and thus no union is truly taking place… but the karmic lessons involved still do— In this sense, there is no such thing as a false twin flame, but there is a mistaken understanding of what your twin flame really is— It is at this point that its worth remembering, that if you are not truly in union; and only symptoms occur.. Than such is merely a guidance towards the divine; and that those people you thought to be your flame, even if they appear to be it in agreement and as a constructed truth; that the awakening did not occur—

Because, this is not an individual awakening; though individuals awaken— It is an awakening as a greater entity that you are; it is an entirely different experience than, an individual awakening— It is a marriage, and an awaking of a single entity as two different perspectives within a greater entity of which is the same—

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