When we move into the extremes of duality; the duality in which our mind operates becomes different in view; or contorted in view.. duality does not go away because we take up an extreme; and so moving to an extreme allows us to see the subtler dualities involved– However, the path behind the path, or the path behind the middle path, is to be able to invert the middle path.. to the two extremes and swallow the hidden dualities of the middle path that do not lay separated by extremes–

Why do I say this? because.. if we are to assume that we do not want to be too hot, or too cold.. we want to be just right; that is fine, however.. in the infinite of comparison; may we always find a greater hot, and greater cold– Which means, what we know as hot and cold can be reconciled into the greater middle.. making a new edge of hot and cold part of the acceptable or higher quality middle– It is not in the manner, or something being too hot or cold for us; but that we do not understand the higher quality experience of these extremes, when we meet them in their contorted expression so that we may see them as an extreme–

The extremes we know our illusions in this sense– So when we talk about liberation or tyranny.. we cannot necessarily talk about them as things; because regardless of the liberation you know or the tyranny you know.. they are but drops in the buckets of knowledge– In this sense, we cannot talk about the ultimate aims as one or the other; but the greater reconciliation possible between them; Not, as a momentary shift and change in transmutation of the qualities.. but almost as a permanent change between them as to relate to them in an entirely different manner that these concepts no longer hold water in the sense of definition–

As we become more lucid in this kind of definition; we must begin to ask ourselves how to truly define ourselves, if the boundaries of our definition, or what we base ourselves on is so incapable of sustaining our identity, how to we base our selves in reality in an enlightened way (that allows our rationality to move with our heart, rather then moving our heart through this rationality)… and this is the greater question– Not what is the ultimate goal as something describable to our comparative minds; but the rightful place of comparison which colors the values of our world–

Not know the law, or master the law; but consciously wake up as a veil of the law–

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