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The role of dogma and the nature of grounding oneself in light— Part 1: Dogma and its role in simple terms—

The Chaos Magician, or average spiritual seeker who is a free thinker (rather than clinging to collective pools of ideology, but to whom this addresses); runs a great risk of developing what has been deemed psychosis and Schizophrenia; or possession by demons—

The nature of grounding oneself, is to partake in those activities and collective outlooks upon which to base ones actions, and not in the wild fantasies of self exploration that must develop in order to be condensed into a greater outlook of being, but first must be generated by exploring or looking around oneself—
That is Apophänie, or the finding meaning in things which point to a greater context, creates an unstable outlook that changes as each meaning from “random data” is come across and reconciled into a coherent vision— That is, the independent seeker, whom endeavors to figure out “The truth” by thinking for ones self, causes a mode of being in which sporadic meaning and convoluted outlooks must be boiled down into a coherent view that allows one to make informed choices in their reality—

The issue becomes how one makes choices, with a self-designed reality that is not particularly aligned with those outlooks one lives among; creating an inability for people to recognize the rationality behinds ones choices (which even in a paranoid outlook, may have very well thought out rationalizations, while looking entirely irrational to those one exists among)— Thus, creating the inability to interact in a beneficial manner or non-disruptive manner with all individuals around—

Science is actually deeply rooted in such an outlook; as their outlook is not understanding what is in front of them by the their context, but understanding their context by what is in front of them—

When we look deeper into this, it is that meanings that have no yet been reconciled into a coherent view, effect every choice in an unconscious manner, and unless that unconscious context is coherent in purpose and will, causes internal conflict and behavior that actually goes against one’s own self’s spirit in thought, as no transcendent dynamics or outlook weaves together the details gathered in Apophänie to unite ones outlook into a refined actionable account, but to dispersed personalities and outlooks that are recalled upon association of the meaning, giving a range of outlooks and associated personalities, which can distant themselves to the point of disconnected memories and consciousness—
This is why over a period of time in the great work, certain dogmatic outlooks were not only required, but enforced to maintain order in an otherwise unorderly world when no single agreement can truly be reached in unifying definition— And that its secular brother known as law and society also grew in increasing importance and mastery inexecution, until the schizophrenic age and inability to truly act coherently emerged as manifesting in societies order by greater and greater corruption and red tape—

So dogma, and enforced outlooks or social behavior, played a vital importance in our growth and ability to explore without destroying each other, until the nations and governments as a single being eventually became a schizophrenic threat like its members that make it up—

Part 2: The role of dogma in grounding light, and grounding oneself in light—
It is something of a personal manner I speak from and such brings this concept to my awareness— That few of us live in a story that actually includes the greater context; that is, most people live with a context provided by understanding the world around them and the different ideas, and through self exploration, and different agreements which lead to certain pillars of creation and resonance groups of the etheric temples established on this land—

For me, and so I can only so much write on such a topic, is that my own experience and interaction with life, suggested something far greater that instead of other things so much defining my own context, my context allowed all other things to fall into accord.. Grounding me in something that was suggested purely out my relationship with life and the beings I interacted with that suggested a greater context, which through mere suggestion did things fall into place. In different degree’s, the suggestions existed beyond those mundane thoughts, so in order for myself to even understand my own life in any way, did I have to reconcile lower levels of interaction, to deal with the greater topologies suggested I was involved with—

In this sense, it was not a search for meaning that I embarked; it was a search for sense, and where upon everything fell in accord to a meaningful way— And beyond the static conditions of this means that thinking, such things were dynamic and dependent on my relationship at the time—
That is, something from the other side suggested we were entering into a cosmic dating, and besides a single chord of thinking that we interacted with, all else was very real and within the objective reality—

The ‘Cosmic Giggle’ is a randomly roving zone of synchronicity and statistical anomaly. Should you be caught up in it, it will turn reality on its head.
It is objective and subjective, simultaneously ‘really there’ and yet somehow is sustained by imagination and expectation; the umbilicus of our ontology, the place where we see that the world came from something very different from what it now appears to be. – Terrence McKenna

It was a story, or relationship that formed a story that I had to deal with head on, that allowed me to follow the roving zone of synchronicity and move beyond the confines of normal cause and effect reality, and one based not on a single mechanistic understanding of existence, but one that gave rise to the forms according to this greater relationship I seemed to have and that would not leave me alone, just from being IN and OF the story and making sincere choices in respond either skeptical and full of doubt (which was my original position), or in full faith which would actually take me out of the story as I had not truly understood my relationship yet to the divine, and thus I could not truly act on faith in something I understood.. Thus any time I tried to take the story as I understood it, I went out of the story as I was living it… And thus would reorientate me to this cosmic giggle that would repeatedly push and pull me simultaneously expanding my consciousness in every direction and as my true understanding, not of a story; but that which gives rise to a story and links to many many stories on the planet and beyond, which was the relationship that suggested something greater—

That is as I understood my relationship, I simply better understood my true context within the collective story, and because my relationship was to the whole of the story, all vital points which would orientate the greater aspects of my being (that transcend my human body, allowing me to work in accordance with the universe as a personality that exists through out the entirety of my experience which extends into our objective reality and interacts with it—) and follow that roving cosmic giggle—

This, grounds me not in any material form; but in the intent and spirit of the mind that I am in relation to the great mind of all—
Only by giving this account (but by leaving out the real details which would make true sense, but to which are infinitely generative—) and I am afraid, that my story will always remain vague except for those vital points I present, as details and knowledge change according to the relationship which gives shape to the story, in which exist many stories to perceive—

This allowing the separate aspects of myself, to be expressed as separate perspectives in a rightful and coherent manner, unifying the inner beings unconscious that exists out in the manifestation of the world, but which we experience as internal events, there by instilling a set of transcendent order that exists among all orders internal and external, which are truly one in the same, but in contrast exist as our choice between the two; where the differences emerge as our external reality and the complimentary inverse emerges as our internal understanding— I might of taken a leap in explanation there, aha—
But that if one is still dealing with internal/external dialogue, one is moving towards one end of being; which appears to us as ascension or materialistic slavery—

Only by this account can I explain another way compared to part one— And that I hope I provide some clarity of the situation—

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