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excerpt of my writing talking about what I directly am speaking about here—

“When one sufficiently illuminates their own mind, their entire thought structure and mythological out look becomes available to them through the third eye or by envisioning the relationships between all perspectives in their outlook, creating a series of structures that are arranged according to their relationship with the current perspective—”

Because, at the higher levels of interdimensional illumination; even though in construct can be understood in geometric principles, the ability to ascribe their position in resonance within the angle upon itself each time in front of us, moves away from being determinable by simple extrapolation; the old occult methods while still applicable and important, become obsolete in a certain manner (transcended)—

It at this point, that I should say the study gets more interesting, because simple cause and effect cannot describe the relationships and movements of vortices that move through everything (rather than a definable flow so to speak in the lower structures which appear as vortices)— One must obtain a personal myth or story which allows one to properly designate the mental structures at the highest level in harmonic formation in relation to each other—

That is when one has moved outward in causal science, one must after the fixed stars are reached, move back in upon itself; and this movement is already there within everything that was causally understood and so cannot be attributed to known shapes and forces, nor any specific thing as it moves through these things itself; in this sense, we must understand the motivation and intent of the spirit moving through the geometric structures that can be witnessed and the overall purpose of the unpredictable as well as predictable forces—

In this sense a divine story must emerge, so that one can align and relate to themselves as higher consciousness—

This story is personal, but is also if refined, very potent; it allows one to share this story, and align other beings to their greater self we share— Some people have seen this in effect as the astral pyramid scheme (which is the same act, not achieving the same heights), and though to some effect this can be reached in lower methods, they are before they complete themselves a cosmic individual still subject to magnetic currents of greater invisible structures and so really while appearing to have mastered a manipulative tactic, have really been played by their own unconscious self—‘

At this point someone interjects and this is silent to you, but my response follows– 

Meaning is important, because it truly recalls our intent; many of us aren’t conscious of this, and thus things like orgasms or culmination points which occur for all of us become important to exploit, or tap into—

However, when the meaning is cosmic, that is; when one understands in principles aligned with the story of the whole, the meaning you ascribe to things becomes more potent, because it is alignment with your true will which is part of the cosmic will—

Your true will in this sense, cannot be known simply having a will based on your current context, for your current context is not great enough to have that much of an effect, and thus we call on higher beings and such for more effect; whereas being aligned with your will in a cosmic context, brings you closer into alignment with what such beings are already doing—

Further, the cause of death is because you don’t understand your will beyond a human context; thus when your perception fragments in a way where you don’t truly understand your intent, you find yourself rebirthed at the next point the pieces are arranged in that order of agreement that comprises you—

Deeper on this, the approach of the greater will is like a rotation of story (if we consider mechanics an aspect of the story), the greater the personal story is understood; the more influence it has in a sense of will, and also that this is a rotation upon itself so that what your true will is actually is obscured by your current view, the next view might be entirely different, but one will understand how the old view was important in work to the new view—

Mundane views, give mundane form so to speak— If you have the perspective of a human, your life will be very human; you will be subject to the human limitations, which may evolve or change, but so to will your human view within the human range—

Anyways; if you have an internal and external view, that is an inner and an outer division; you inherently limit the interaction between the two— You have two different constructs, because you require two different ways of approach to sustain understanding a single thing— The transcendent dynamics which allow them to work as one are missing— Part of the issue of bringing down information to others, is that I no longer have that view, and so I have to translate it in distorted terms— However, there is something actually really quite nice about such a view; and that is, the ability to refine things, the ability to create a greater system of understanding in a certain perspective—

That is, when things expand in nature in a limited range, they contract in principle— When you expand your perspective, it contracts into knowledge— When you contract in principle, you expand in perspective— This is sort of a bend in reality going on at the moment; and is part of the secret of vibration and the fountain of youth—

Now, this is important if we talk about A:.A:. 9°=2 degree

“The Magus seeks to attain Wisdom, declares his law, and is a Master of all Magick in its greatest and highest sense. His will is entirely free from internal diversion or external opposition; His work is to create a new Universe in accordance with his Will. This grade corresponds to Chokmah on the Tree of Life. It also bears some resemblance to Nietzsche’s “new philosopher” who creates values, although with more focus on self-transcendence according to Crowley biographer Lawrence Sutin.[30]”

This is the development of a new perspective, that is; it casts a new light upon everything, and this creates a new manifestation in your personal view, and the work is to refine it into accordance with the world in front of you— That is, you discover your will that is capable of holding everything already in existence, and then you create the new world view in a manner that is coherent with everything IN THIS world; but also, gives birth to a perspective that can be moved to and lived in— In this sense it is living in this exact same world, but living in it in a way that is according to your will that governs the experience of all forms— Thus you create a new land in hallow earth so to speak—

In Ipsissimus 10°=1 of A:.A:.; it switches entirely in approach and fans the flame of your new universe into manifestation of this one increasingly so— So really this degree discussing something already going on in previous degrees, but becomes an entirely available as conscious work by shifting the approach to its greater and one might say true nature that is inherently corrupted by the light of knowledge itself, but from which all knowledge arises—


well if you are talking about a lens like a camera or the eye; is a wonderful way to approach it; because truly this explains the movement through subtle and gross manifestation— When we are in another world, is simply that we have moved our focus to the peripheral what was gross to us becomes subtle; and the subtle expands to gross— It is like if you met me on the street, I appear to you in one form.. and when you walk away, I do not go away; I do not even truly leave your view, I just simple change form— And in general terms, neither of us know how to deal with each other in that new forms; since we identified with forms, rather than the spirit—

There is also a very specific thing I am leaving out; and that is that when our work is not well done, the expansion of subtle into gross without having gone through its true channels, without having lived yet through that expansion; it becomes distorted— This is an issue with the third eye, and why we get seperate seemingly incoherent stories emerging about the nature of our existence—

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