Celestial initiation explained–


The nature of initiation and rewiring the brain, is creating four mythological perspectives that connect to four points of reference in the mind at equal distance from each other, and four points of perspective of equal distance upon each reference point, creating a synaptic framework capable of fractal recursion that allows non-euclidean geometry to arise in one’s mental vision—

Each time a perspective of reality, and its proper mythological constructs align with a perspective in reality by conscious recognition; geometric representations of both quantum and post-quantum understanding create a geometric sphere capable of representing anything in the universe both form and formless begins to construct itself—

When the sphere is completed and a certain level of reality is understood in a complete manner, the sphere becomes a luminous pearl, which both represents a mental construct as well as a synaptic network that is capable of allowing forms in the mind to arise without corrupting the flow of information in the neural network and without diminishing the thought through an inhibited mentality—

When the pearl is recognized; it is so fully capable of dealing with anything that it plugs into a greater system that is best described as a 90 degree angle in upon itself; this affects the neural processing of our senses or the over whelming data that our senses had to catalog as peripheral and allows us to look closer at things we thought we were looking upon as close as we could— The subtle fields at this level which are usually inhibited by the angles of our synaptic construction and geometric mentalities is now capable of removing one level of haze upon the 14 story dark tower in front of us (12 reaches what is known as heaven)–

Each 90 degree rotation upon the wheel of time or squaring of the circle in its truest sense; or upon geometric awakening of consciousness; allows more dimensions to of existence to be accessed and greater realms of existence to be interacted with–

There is much more to this, but this should explain the nature of mystery schools, and the hidden celestial church working upon this planet– As one major issue that occurs as one reconciles all into luminescent pearls is the transcendence of mechanical cause and effect that is no longer plausible as complete on its own, as each and every pearl within itself becomes so total and all encompassing, that spirit can only be discovered as a source of explaining the movement–

The achievement of reaching the fixed stars, or the diamond body; is to have traversed your own self in divided and undivided segments, each time going back in upon your own self and reaching a new perspective and a greater reality to interact with; however upon the highest realm for most which is the fixed stars, one witnesses the nature of their own movement (or fixes their mental compass upon eternity), and this is an expanding and contracting motion simultaneously (vibration) that reveals the principles of all life and nature and brings in a new approach to reality (by orgasm) by extending yourself beyond yourself as to manifest a new level of consciousness within one’s own mind, gaining admittance into the cosmic work at hand that is of myth and rumor– This, in a certain sense is also considered the fountain of youth, but that depending on the origin of the soul who is admitted, may not yet have the work done to see anything but the realization emptiness; unless one’s soul is subtle enough to see deeper into the emptiness and manifest actual physical forms for once formless ordeals–

This is a quick and dirty understanding for anyone interested–

Translation for practical application and equivalent:

By finding four Christian churches, two by two diametrically opposed viewpoints that are completely incompatible and erecting a cross of reference in euclidean terms, and then mapping out every denomination between each one, and reconciling the most compatible to the least compatible interpretations rotating 90 degrees in perspective by a spiral like fashion, one will reconcile all biblical perspectives into a singular truth which transcends yet includes all viewpoints– This is like one Chakra being opened, and then upon reaching that, continuing on to other major view points in the world in a similar fashion–

However, this perfected demonstration of idea is linear and not to be fully expected; as the actual path may be nonlinear, as certain aspects beyond your comprehension at the time help guide you for future work that you cannot yet account for–

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