Buddha fields


Okay, so lets say you die; and in this death there is something of an end life review– In a lower degree of consciousness.. This might be a linear play through so to speak, or even just a sort of unconscious knowing of of it all–
But in a greater degree of consciousness; the end life review, shows everything side by side in a non-linear fashion–

That is to say, like all our moments can be played side by side in a linear manner.. there are other movements that can bring this totality of experience into a conscious state (experiencing the totality of your life all at once)– This same type of experience might be hinted at through akashic initiations–

So, at this stage; all our qualities in a certain manner is made clear to us; And if we have cleared these qualities to a great degree.. we can find and create new fields of existence with this “conscious map”–

The movement into a buddha field, is like finding a belly button of experience.. that places you into a physical birth of perception, in the place that not only serves your highest good, but the totality of the fields highest good–
When this occurs in a more conscious manner; It is like consciously being able to see all the life times you can have within that field; however as you get towards this greater good, the qualities you are conscious of become more definite and realized in a certain manner.. this certain manner, provides you with a conscious birth that absolutely assures your awareness that this is the best series of relationships.. in the sense that.. even though in a certain manner, you become ignorant or unconscious of all these different manners that could of been.. you also by being so conscious of the qualities that give form to it stay aware that this experience represents those qualities in the highest formation possible in this field–

The highest good I speak of, is very different from any of our ideals of what good is; it is not a sense of morality, but a clarity of expression–Those of us though, who are grounding the quality and energy of a certain field however, may have to bring it into this realm in a set of fixed principles or laws in order to begin weaving its nature here more clearly.. however, the rules or ideals themselves as they come presented to us here, are further unconscious qualities yet to be made conscious (increasingly allowing us to move away from a fixed definite of order of relationships in terms of purely objectivity)–

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